AdvancedTCA Platform Blades

ATCA Blades | Kontron is strongly committed to the ATCA standard as it continues to offer a full line of computing, switch and carrier hardware compliant with the PICMG 3.0 specification. From a wide variety of hardware and software building blocks to integration and certification services, Kontron develops, markets and packages leading-edge technology with a compelling building block architecture concept dedicated to the Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Network Equipment Providers market segments.
AdvancedTCA Platform Blades


Kontron ATCA carrier boards provides equipment manufacturers the flexibility to customize the design of their network system solutions by leveraging the flexibility of mixing a variety of AdvancedMC modules across 4 AMC slots in just one ATCA slot.


AdvancedTCA 10GbE Fabric AMC Carrier

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Kontron AdvancedTCA Base/Fabric switches provide complete and flexible switch management and full PICMG 3.0/3.1 compliant chassis management.


Kontron offers the most comprehensive set of AdvancedTCA processor platforms that deliver tremendous functionality and performance for compute-intensive applications.


AdvancedTCA node blade: Intel Xeon Six-Core 5600 (32nm) processor; or, Intel Xeon 5500 (45nm) quad core processor Series

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10G ATCA 8-Core Xeon E5-2600 Series Processor Blade

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40G ATCA 64-Core MIPS64 Packet Processor Blade

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