AMC Systems

AMC Systems are a PICMG standard for open modular systems. They offer extremely high communication bandwidth, high processing capacity, and high availability.
AMC Systems

I/O AMC Modules

Kontron I/O AMC's provide GbE uplinks, IPSec support

Open Modular Platform

MicroTCA Pre-integrated and Pre-validated Open Modular Platforms for evaluation and development in different form factors that are reliable, flexible, scaleable and always the best configuration from the very start.

OM6040 Compact

MicroTCA 4 slot compact system for industrial applications

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MicroTCA System - OM6060 Compact AMC Platform

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Processor AMCs

Kontron Processor AMC's, compliant with PICMG's AMC.x specifications, can achieve extremely high performance and data throughput in a very small form factor.

Storage AMC Modules

SAS and SATA based mass storage modules


AMC SAS Storage Module, fully compliant to AMC.0 revision 2

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SSD AMC module for the ultimate in storage performance

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AM4520 AdvancedMC SAS Module - Full-Size / Mid-Size

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AdvancedMC SATA Storage Module - Mid-Size / Full-Size

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