KBox A-Series

“Wartungsfrei” or “Maintenance Free” are different design features which reduce the “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO) for computer boards or systems used in an industrial, medical or retail environment. Based on the required feature set or performance there are different levels of “Wartungsfrei” defined. It is the focus of Kontron to maximise the level of “Wartungsfrei” in all products.

Kontron's industrial fanless KBox A-Series can be used for a large variety of applications e.g. in fieldbus environments, as system controller, for process control, as industrial firewalls or other embedded applications. The different fanless series are specifically designed for use within factories and other harsh industrial environments. With fieldbuses or Industrial I/Os, you can realize all requirements to control your machine.

With their passive, convection cooling concepts, the KBox A-101 and KBox A-103 are developed for permanent operation without maintenance. You can wall mount any of these systems or you can even snap serveral systems onto a DIN rail. Thanks to their compact design, you will find space to mount them nearly everywhere. Their support for embedded operating systems makes Kontron´s fanless Box PCs real embedded systems.

KBox A-Series

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