pITX Motherboards

pITX - the small, powerful and cost effective 2.5" SBC family (Pico-ITX™).

With the Pico-ITX™ form factor, Kontron now supports a new definition of small (100 x 72 mm), powerful and very cost effective 2.5" SBCs for ultramobile applications.

The pITX-SP was Kontron’s first 2.5" SBC based on this specification features the Intel® ATOM™ Z510 / Z530 processor, together with multiple I/O options and Full-HD graphics performance. Further AMD based products are coming soon...


2.5" Pico-ITX Motherboard with AMD G-Series- Technology, DC 1.0GHz, TR40N - 9W

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ARM-based 2.5" Pico-ITX Motherboard with NVIDIA TEGRA 2 Prozessor,1GB DDR3, 512 MB NAND Flash, Linux preloaded to Flash

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3.5" SBC with Intel® Atom™ N270 processor

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