microETXexpress® is the registered trademark of Kontron for innovative COM Express™ compact modules. They have a mechanical footprint of just 95 x 95mm. The microETXexpress® design is the entry-level model for applications looking to transition from other small form factor solutions to COM Express™ and offers full PCI Express or PCI support. The microETXexpress®-SP was recently selected for the "Editor’s Tech Choice" award from eg3.com, a leading technology web site for embedded systems. Learn more about the microETXexpress® form factor on www.microetxexpress.org

Development Tools & Services

With nearly 900 highly qualified engineers, Kontron has one of the world's largest R&D teams for embedded computing. Different value-add service to support your design-in and development of custom-specific applications are offered.

MARS Smart Battery Kit

Smart Battery platform
for Kontron ETX® and COM Express® modules

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COMe Debug Card T2

COM Express® Debug Card for Type 2, basic featureset

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Kontron Academy

Trainings for Computer-on-Modules

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Starterkits and Evaluation Boards

Starterkits are complete care-free kits packaged in a single case. They give you a head start and include Evaluation Boards.

COMe Starterkit Eval T2

Starterkit with COMe Evaluation Carrier T2

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COMe Starterkit Ref. T2

Starterkit with COMe Reference Carrier T2

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COMe Eval Carrier T2

COM Express® Evaluation Carrier Type 2

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COMe Ref. Carrier T2

COM Express® Reference Carrier Type 2

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