40G ATCA 64-Core MIPS64 Packet Processor Blade
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  • Complies to the following standards: PICMG® 3.0 R3.0 specification; PICMG® 3.1 R1.0 specification, and eventually PICMG® 3.1 R2.0; IPMI v2.0, and RoHS.
  • Features two OCTEON II CN6880 processors, each one integrating 32 enhanced cnMIPS64 v2 cores with up to 48GHz of 64-bit computing power in a single chip.
  • Each OCTEON II is supported by one USB Flash drive (16GB) and 4 DDR3 DIMM sockets each supporting 32GB address range for a total of up to 256GB for both processors.
  • Each processor supports 2x 20Gbps and 2x 10Gbps for a total of up to 60Gbps to a Ethernet Multilayer Switch that has a bandwidth capacity of up to 320Gbps and is connected to the Fabric Interface with configurable 40/10 GbE links
  • [2x (4x Gb / XAUI / 4x10G-KR / 40G-KR4)], and to the
  • Base Interface with two 1GbE links.
  • Front panel access includes 2x RS232 - RJ45 ports – one to each OCTEON II processor – and 1x RS232 - RJ45 port to the switch management processor, and 1x 10/100/1000Base-T via RJ45 port to the switch management processor.
  • two available Rear Transition Module (RTM) units, each with different connector configurations, including: RTM8242 featuring 84 Gbps total available bandwidth with 8 SFP+ (FI) and 4x GbE SFP (BI) connectors; and, the RTM8940 featuring up to 2x 40G QSFP (FI), 2x 1G SFP (BI), 4x 10G SFP+ (FI) with LRM support, and optional Telco PLL (incl. optional SyncE support).
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Dual Cavium OCTEON II MIPS64 v2 CN6880 32-core packet processors

The ATCA 64-Core Packet Processor AT8242 offers high compute performance and service features for demanding 4G/LTE Evolved Packet Core Gateways, DPI, IPTV and content delivery platforms, Video Optimization, and GPON and EPON elements.

It offers a superior performance per Watt, power optimization, embedded virtualization, and a multitude of hardware acceleration features, including DPI acceleration with integrated HFA (RegEx Engine), TCP and ROHC, packet processing, compression, RAID 5/5 and de-dup, and multi-core scaling.

The Cavium Networks OCTEON II processor also combines over 85 L3-L7 application acceleration engines, virtualization features, 100Gbps of connectivity, and a new Real Time Power Optimizer™ that dynamically adjusts power depending upon the application level processing requirement.

Clients may consider using the AT8242 40G packet processor blade in combination with the new Kontron OM9141-40G and OM9141-10G ATCA 14-slot platforms, featuring market-leading switch management software and up to four times the I/O switching bandwidth than the previous platform generation.

The Kontron AT8242 is designed for versatility and can be used in many core and edge network applications, particularly Packet Data Network Gateways (PGW), Serving Gateways (SGW) and Mobility Management Entity (MME) network elements found in the 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC). Growth in mobile data traffic networks will require more efficient and powerful deterministic processing of applications such as packet processing, deep packet content inspection (RegEx), application-aware switching and routing, parsing, IPv6/IPv4 forwarding, compression and decompression, classification, and Quality-of-Service (QoS) at 40Gbps wire-speed.



AT8242 40G ATCA 64-Core Packet Processor Blade
[ datasheet_at8242.pdf, 0.87 mb, 2015/12/08 ]


RTM8242 Manual
[ rtm8242-manual-v1.0.pdf, 1.17 mb, 2013/11/27 ]

AT8242 Manual
[ at8242-manaul-v1.1.pdf, 4.03 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


FASTPATH System Configuration
[ fastpath-configuration-guide-v1.2.pdf, 4.74 mb, 2013/11/27 ]

Quick Reference Guide

RTM8242 Quick Reference
[ rtm8242_qr_doc-v1.0.pdf, 0.85 mb, 2013/11/27 ]

AT8242 Quick Reference
[ qr_at8242_v1.1.pdf, 0.25 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
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