COMe Starterkit QorIQ

COM Express® Starterkit w/ Evaluation Carrier QorIQ™
This product is not recommended for new designs.
Last time buy: 08/31/2016
Last time delivery: 12/22/2016
  • Complete Starterkit for COM Express® QorIQ™ COM
    (basic and compact form factor)
  • includes Adapter Cards for SRIO/SGMII/XAUI
  • Includes all connectors and cables for a quick start
  • Select your Kontron COMe-QorIQ module and begin evaluating within minutes of opening the kit.
Download Datasheet

incl. additional Adapter Cards

The COM Express® Starterkit for Kontron QorIQ™ is specially compiled for Kontron Computer-on-Modules with COM Express® QorIQ™ pin-out. The 4 PCI Express slots on the Evaluation Carrier are connected to the SerDes Interfaces provided by the dedicated COMs and can be equipped with different adapter cards which are included in the Starterkit. Start your research and development with this fast and flexible solution for express evaluation purposes for Freescales Power technology.


Cable Interface 2 x KAB-USB-1
1 x KAB-SATA-1

1 x ADA-Eval-QorIQ-SRIO (68100-0000-01-0)
1 x ADA-Eval-QorIQ-SGMII (68100-0000-02-0)
1 x ADA-Eval-QorIQ-XAUI (68100-0000-03-0)
Evaluation board COMe Eval Carrier QorIQ (68100-0000-00-0)
Material Aluminium Carrying Case
1 x USB stick with documentation
Mounting 1 x COM Express® Mounting Kit 8mm 1set
10 x Distance bolt incl. screws
Power Supply 1 x SFX-NT (BQT SFX-300W) 300 W wide range
1 x power cord Europe
1 x power cord US
Supported Modules Kontron COM Express® basic and compact QorIQ COM



QorIQ Computer-on-Modules Portfolio (Release Candidate) 
[ datasheet-com-express-qoriq_web.pdf, 2.26 mb, 2014/11/07 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 2015/11/19 ]


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