INTERPARLO - Internet On Train Server

Application Ready Platform for WiFi and Passenger Infotainment
This product is not recommended for new designs.

Please contact Kontron to provide the best solution for your project requirement.

  • WiFi, UMTS, GSM, LTE, GPS interface options
  • Separate controllers supporting streaming applications
  • Modular, robust, switched CompactPCI system
  • Custom designs

Application Ready Platform for WiFi and Passenger Infotainment

INTERPARLO is the modular hardware platform for Internet On Train, ideally suited for passenger infotainment services and any application where wireless communication is needed.

Your Benefits

  • "All in one": all hardware functions for Passenger Infotainment and WiFi connection in only one rack
  • Open for today’s wireless communication options
  • Flexible for project adaptations
  • Enhanced lifetime program
  • Future updates of CPU or any hardware function
  • Open to incorporate future communication or networking standards
  • Local support and project management in your region
  • Kontron’s global expertise as leading supplier
  • Minimized total cost of ownership

"All in one” Hardware Platform for solution providers.

INTERPARLO is made for the provider of the entire solution and the deployment in trains. The Railway compliant 3U CompactPCI platform with main controller and power supply integrates numerous key functions in only one 19” rack: nearly any kind of today’s wireless communication options, separate controllers and disks for streaming applications, and Ethernet switch as interface to intelligent HMIs and train network.

Long-lasting but open for innovation.

With the CompactPCI architecture, typical requirements which seem contradictory are getting accordable! Long term availability over many years, supported by enhanced obsolecense management, but as well flexibility and openness for technical innovations: It is an easy matter to upgrade the modular platform by a new generation of compatible system controller boards, or to incorporate future communication or networking standards, or any newly
requested function.

Total cost of ownership is consequently minimized.

That’s what INTERPARLO and KONTRON stand for: combining the many advantages of CompactPCI with leading edge technology, and with the global presence and service of a leading supplier in the ECT and Transportation computer market. Consequently, this turns to your advantage, minimizing the total-cost-of-ownership through a long project life time.

Target applications for passenger service and safety.

Applications for Passenger Service, to increase the passengers’ comfort, typically provide some welcome and safety information, general or dedicated travel informations, and continuous WIFI connections for email and audio/video channels via internet.

Application ready.

By use of the BASE platform and respective mounting options, with INTERPARLO, the OEM has a readily equipped hardware platform to immediately start application development.
A ready-to-run sample image for Linux or Windows, and respective “getting-started” documentation, makes development comfortable from the very first.
The system can be provided with conformal coating as option, for EN50155 compliancy and final deployment in trains.

The "All in One" Hardware Functions

1. Base Platform
The 19” base platform consists of a 84HP 3U industrial housing, a 24…110 VDC 100W power supply with power entry at frontside, and the main controller board of 4HP or 8HP. The processor Intel® Celeron®M with 1.06GHz and 512 MB RAM, or, alternatively, Intel® Atom with 1.6 GHz with 1 GB RAM, provides maximum performance at minimum power consumption. It comes with a CompactFlash card with a preinstalled ready-to-run Linux or Windows image.
The platform requires at least natural convection cooling. If required, a fan tray is available as well. A power management module option enables power up or shut down via LAN, and monitoring of operating temperatures.

2. Wireless Communication
In INTERPARLO, one or more 4HP carriers can be equipped with modules providing WiFi, LTE, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, GPS. Marketavailable modules at customer’s option can be supported.

3. Separate Controllers supporting Streaming Applications
Up to two additional system controllers are provided within the same rack. The controllers are placed on separate CompactPCI busses, and have GbE network access to each other via an integrated switch as option. For streaming applications such as realtime transmission of media data for passenger information, the separate controllers provide the respective performance and mass storage.
The System Controller board with Intel® Atom 1.6 GHz is of 8HP size and is equipped with a SATA hard disk drive.

4. Integrated Ethernet Switch
The Ethernet Switch option efficiently handles communication networks, for instance towards several intelligent IP based HMI and towards the train network. The switch is available with M12 connectors for Fast Ethernet on front, and provides access to the system controllers via backplane.

6. Custom Options
Alternative system controllers out of Kontron’s wide portfolio can be selected, or project specific hardware functions such as MVB, RS485, or other, can be added on request, making use of up to four free peripheral slots.

Ask for a customized platform:
A Kontron project manager is assigned for you. As a global leading company, Kontron has knowledgeable teams to support you in your region.



Datasheet Interparlo
[ datasheet-interparlo.pdf, 3.59 mb, 2014/11/11 ]

Datasheet LINUX Image for INTERPARLO Evaluation
[ datasheet-linux-for-interparlo-and-observo-x4.pdf, 0.56 mb, 2014/11/11 ]

Datasheet Linux BSP A8001 for CP305, CP307, CP307-V, CP307-RS
[ dat_lin_bsp_a8001_r11.pdf, 0.76 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


User Manual INTERPARLO [restrictions apply]
Manual for 3U CPCI Multi-Solution Platform for OBSERVO and INTERPARLO Applications
[, 13.61 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


Readme for Linux installation DVD CPASM301
Readme for Redhat Fedora Installation DVD. Please download and read this document, before downloading the Installation DVD for Redhat Fedora evaluation image.
[ readme_cpasm301_install_dvd_fedora14.pdf, 0.1 mb, 2013/11/27 ]

Linux installation DVD for Redhat Fedora evaluation image R10 for INTERPARLO and OBSERVO-X4 [restrictions apply]
This Redhat Fedora Image CPASM301 is designed for the evaluation and demonstration of the capabilites of INTERPARLO and OBSERVO-X4 platforms. Burn the Image to a DVD, download and open the appropriate Readme PDF-File. It will guide you through the SW installation process. Finally, the image will be installed into the integrated mass storage devices
MD5SUM: 9893d96f576cdb320c245019a7e74921
[ sk-lin-dvd-cpasm301-fc14-r10.iso, 678.04 mb, 2014/08/05 ]

Linux BSP A8001 (R10) for CP305, CP307, CP307-V, CP307-RS
Contains drivers, a board library and demo applications.
Contains all sources.
Verified against OpenSuSE and Redhat Enterprise Linux.
[ lin26-bsp-a8001.r10.tar.bz2, 1.21 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 2015/11/19 ]


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