Kontron Security Solution – Approtect: A fully protected framework for your application

Kontron Security Solution is a combined hardware and software solution that includes an embedded hardware security module on all Kontron products and a software framework to provide full protection for your application.


  • Kontron hardware product with integrated security module          
  • Kontron Approtect software

Kontron Approtect is a holistic hardware based security solution that provides customers with the ability to address security needs at the application layer. This cost effective and proven turn-key solution is integrated into every Kontron design. Customers can easily upgrade old systems or use an existing Kontron system. Customers may also customize the solution to meet their specific needs.

Features include:                                                                

  • Copy protection
  • IP Protection
  • Protection from reverse engineering and tampering

After purchasing Approtect, Kontron provides a new firmware code
for the security controller that can be installed by Kontron or by the customer.

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Kontron Security Solution is currently available on:

  • COMe-cSL6
  • COMe-bSL6 (Q3/16)
  • mITX-Skl-H (Q3/16)
  • mITX-Skl-S (Q4/16)
  • FlexATX-Skl-S (Q4/16)


COM Express® compact Type 6 with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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