KBox A-101

Fanless Industrial Computer Platform based on Intel® Atom™ D2550 dual-core
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KBox A-103
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Maintenance free embedded Box PC

Designed for cost-sensitive automation and industry computing tasks the KBox A-101 stands out with its maintenance- free design and a robust, fast SSD. The fanless box PC with the dual-core Intel Atom CPU D2550 comes with the standard interfaces DisplayPort, two Gbit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and one RS232 port. With optional field bus support, such as for CAN bus or Profinet, the KBox A-101 enables data communication between the customer’s various machine applications towards the cloud to the system backend. Data transfer is enabled over WIFI or 2G/4G to the cloud or other networks for further analysis.
Diverse mounting options including desktop, horizontal wall-mount, booksize or DIN RAIL guarantee high flexibility.
Also important for use in harsh environments is an extended temperature range (-10°C to 60°C) and shock
resistance up to 15G.



Datasheet KBox A-101
[ datasheet_kbox_a-101.pdf, 0.77 mb, 2016/01/14 ]


KBOX A-101_Benutzerhandbuch_V1_00_web_GE
[ kbox-a-101_benutzerhandbuch_v1_00_web_ge.pdf, 4.79 mb, 2014/05/12 ]

KBOX A-101_Users Guide_V1_00_web_EN
[ kbox-a-101_users-guide_v1_00_web_en.pdf, 4.78 mb, 2014/05/12 ]

Board Support Packages

KBox A-101-Win7-32bit
[ 04_b749_win7_sp1_install_driverpackage_iso.iso, 231.83 mb, 2014/04/08 ]

White Papers

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Application Notes

Energy Efficiency is a Competitive Factor [restrictions apply]
Fail-safe and maintenance-free systems fully utilize the potential of energy efficient manufacturing and help to sustain long term competitive advantage.

Mechanical Drawings

KBox A-101 Outline dimensions
[ kbox-a-101_outline_drawing.pdf, 0.43 mb, 2014/04/16 ]

Ordering Guide

Configuration Guide KBox A-101
[ configuration-guide-kbox-a-101.pdf, 0.38 mb, 2014/07/07 ]

Test Reports

Testreport Schock KBox A-101
[ kbox-a-101_schock.pdf, 0.47 mb, 2014/04/16 ]

KBox A-101 Vibration Test report
[ kbox-a-101-vibration-.pdf, 0.38 mb, 2014/04/16 ]

EMC Testreport
[ kbox-a-101_emc_report.pdf, 1.33 mb, 2014/05/13 ]

KBox-A101 Temperature Test Report
[ kbox-a101-temperature-test-report.pdf, 0.5 mb, 2014/05/12 ]

CB Certifiation KBox A-101 [restrictions apply]
[ cb-cert-kbox-a-101-2-.pdf, 0.32 mb, 2014/06/10 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 2015/11/19 ]


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