KBox C-100

Industrial Computer Platform for control cabinet applications based on Intel’s® 3rd Generation.
  • Compact IPC on Kontron COMe Modules
  • Wide Performace Span form Celeron class CPU's to Quad Core class CPU's
  • One PCIe x1 slot for Low Profile ADD On cards
  • 24V Power Supply with Remote Control
  • Ready for RTS Hypervisor
  • Ready for CoDeSys
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The system has two interface sides: An upper and a lower side. Due to this a lot of interface could be placed onto the system with the advantage of having a very compact BOX-IPC.
The system consist of a CPU module COMe-XX and and carrier board. The CPU modules can have CPU chips from Celeron class to Core-i7 Quad core class. Therefore an adaptation of performance is possible over a wide range to get an excellent price performance ratio.
In the moment Core processors of the 2 and 3 generation are approved.



Datasheet KBox C-100
[ datasheet_kbox-c-100.pdf, 0.4 mb, 2016/08/24 ]


K_Box_C_100_V1_00_web_EN [restrictions apply]
[ k_box_c_100_v1_00_web_en.pdf, 3.46 mb, 2014/06/17 ]

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Datasheet KBox C-100
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