Rugged removable HDD cannister for 4x 3.5" HDD
  • 4x 3.5" HDDs 3.5"
  • Fits in three 5.25" bays
  • Cooled by one rear fan
  • Heavy duty cooled rolled steel
  • Fan fail LED
  • Over Temperature LED
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Designed to fit inside the space of three standard 5.25" drive bays, the 3.5" Disk Array DA435 is a unique drive cage solution that can accommodate up to 4 times 3.5" SATA hard drives. Thus the 3.5" Disk Array DA435 can be easily deployed in many KISS systems.
Constructed in light weight durable aluminum, the 3.5" Disk Array DA435 cannister is well ventilated with one cooling fan to ensure effective heat dissipation on all 4 drives. The back plane connection include both SAS and SATA connectors and each drive drawer is equipped with drive access LEDs. The drive drawer is designed to accommodate any standard 3.5" SATA devices.



Datasheet KISS DA435
[ datasheet_kiss-da435.pdf, 0.24 mb, 2014/12/09 ]

Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide KISS DA 435
[ kiss-da435_quick_reference-guide.pdf, 0.31 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
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