Modular Assembly

Pre-assembled computer-on-module (COM) or single board computer (SBC)

Lifecycle Management – Re-designs, Design Migration for Upgrades,
Continuation of Supply, Etc.

It is Kontron's policy to ensure that the investment you make in your solution pays off. Every Kontron Computer-On-Module -based solution is designed to be supported for at least five years. Kontron engineering and procurement teams work closely to manage the longevity of every standard and custom product.

Kontron takes great care in the selection process of suppliers and components. Manufacturers are selected through an ISO-9001 vendor approval process that provides assurance that we are establishing a relationship with our vendors that is consistent with our goals. Components are selected based on features, market acceptance, and the approval of the vendor. 

Despite a company's best efforts, the need to modify a product sometimes does arise. This may be the result of a component prematurely becoming obsolete, an enhancement that is desired by the market, or a correction to a problem. In the event that it is necessary to designate a product for End-Of-Life (EOL), Kontron has defined the following options.

1. Migration Options 
2. Parallel Replacement 
3. Upgrade Replacement 
4. Alternative Replacement 
5. Continuation of Supply 

Once again, your dedicated Kontron Project Manager and Kontron Strategic Account Manager works with you to jointly determine the best course of action.

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