Modular Assembly

Pre-assembled computer-on-module (COM) or single board computer (SBC)

Evaluation Software and Hardware

Kontron offers quick and easy platform evaluation with all the necessary hardware and drivers. Plus, we have knowledgeable technical support engineers dedicated to answering your questions along the way.

Kontron First-Class Project Management

You are in control of the project. The Kontron design process combines flexibility even in the design phase with design quality control through regular reviews and customer approvals. In addition, Boards & More gives you the dependable, powerful and economic basis for your optimum custom carrier board design.

Consulting and Optimization

Kontron offers design consulting, training and concept optimization services that guarantee a short time to market with a reliable and cost-effective solution. Your application expertise coupled with, Kontron engineering knowledge eliminates the need to invest many expensive hours and resources designing your application from scratch. 

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