Rugged COTS

Technical answers offered by Kontron include:



Kontron utilizes a board-size heat frame called the Ruggedizer. Pioneered 10 years ago by Kontron (formerly Thales Computers/CETIA) the Ruggedizer has allowed generations of powerful computing nodes such as the legacy V4G4c (quad PowerPC Altivec SBC) to be deployed in the most difficult environments.



Heat Frames

Several other products from Kontron implement a heat frame to allow use in extended temperature range. CompactPCI products R1 and R2 class implement such a solution. 


Heat Pipes

To face the even more challenging cooling requirements needed for a dual 64-bit PowerPC SBC, the PowerNode5, Kontron now has mastered an improvement of 6U board size heat frame with the use of heat pipes. Several patents cover the application of this technology into the cockpit of modern fighters and for UAV applications (sensitivity to G forces, pre-heating etc..)




Component Selection and Sorting

Implementing a modern single board computer which can operate from -40°C up to 85°C requires to work right from the design phase. Kontron operates a careful component selection at this stage, in order to guarantee the appropriate yield at the finished product screening stage. 


Full Screening

For rugged boards, Kontron implements a 100% units screening at temperature boundaries. This screening can be implemented with the final customer application software. 


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