Contract Manufacturer consolidation finalized!

Augsburg, Germany, July 22, 2015 – Kontron, a leading global provider of Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), is pleased to announce that the contract manufacturer portfolio consolidation from previously 23 contract manufacturers down to 5 strategic contract manufacturers has been completed. This measure was one key target within the comprehensive efficiency program “New Kontron” that was introduced in 2013 by the CEO Rolf Schwirz. Within the last two fiscal years Kontron reduced steadily the historically grown number of its contract manufacturers to finally achieve its target to work with 5 Contract Manufacturers. Bernhard Braunmueller, Chief Operating Officer at Kontron, expresses his satisfaction with the result: “We decided to drastically reduce the number of suppliers in the field of production services in order to develop strategic partnerships with a much smaller number of selected suppliers which are all long-standing business partners. This has also helped us to significantly reduce operational complexity, to bundle contract manufacturing volumes and to achieve better delivery flexibility.”

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