Kontron launches new IoT microsite

Kontron launches new IoT microsite

Embedded specialist provides a detailed insight into the structures of the "Internet of Things"

Augsburg, November 24, 2014 Kontron, a leading provider of embedded computing technology, provides a comprehensive overview of the many and varied segments of the "Internet of Things" at its new website, iot.kontron.com. Visitors can quickly get an overview of the areas and products in which Kontron is engaged in the IoT. The resulting potential savings that companies can achieve, whilst also increasing sales, are graphically illustrated. "The Internet of Things promises in future to network people with billions of smart devices, in order to exploit the data generated in this way to optimum effect. On our new website we illustrate these possibilities, as well as the benefits for companies. In a separate news section ‘Stay Connected’, we also inform the user about important coming developments or events on this topic," says Daniel Piper, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA at Kontron.

Since its very beginnings, the Internet has been connecting computers worldwide, resulting in a continuous exchange of data between computers, servers, workstations and PCs, as well as embedded-computers. Current-day IT products have integrated microcontrollers and systems-on- chips (SoCs) and already provide information automatically to host networks. The vision for the next stage of development is the complete networking of the environment, including data collection and exchange with individuals – known as the "Internet of Things". According to some experts, a billion devices will be networked with the IoT by 2025. "At the moment, the market is still heavily fragmented as a result of incompatible systems. IoT concepts such as predictive maintenance, big data and analytics require an integrated approach. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of cooperation between hardware and software suppliers, service providers and communication infrastructure providers," says Jens Wiegand, CTO of Kontron.

On its new microsite, Kontron shows how these hurdles can be overcome and how the "Internet of Things" is structured. The user is guided through the world of the "Internet of Things" with the aid of clear topic areas. Following an introduction to the term and an IoT product overview from Kontron, the visitor can explore the various layers of the IoT and networking, as well as the associated security measures and encryption methods employed in the exchange of data. Next, the benefits for companies are illustrated. The processes optimizations facilitated by the IoT are reflected, for example, in the reduced maintenance costs or potential energy savings which could generate enormous gains for companies over many years. The new website is rounded off by a news section, including contact details of the experts at Kontron and information about events.


About Kontron

Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology. With its employees in research and development, Kontron creates many of the standards that drive the world’s embedded computing platforms. Kontron’s product longevity, local engineering and support, and value-added services, help create a sustainable and viable embedded solution for OEMs and system integrators. Kontron works closely with its customers on their embedded application-ready platforms and custom solutions, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. The result is an accelerated time-to-market, reduced total-cost- of-ownership and an improved overall application with leading-edge, highly-reliable embedded technology.

Kontron is listed on the German TecDAX stock exchange under the symbol "KBC". For more information, please visit: http://www.kontron.com/

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