Ad-hoc: Kontron AG Redeems One Million Shares

  • Total number of individual share certificates reduced to 51.3 million
  • Calculated earnings per share increases by 2%
  • EUR 20 million planned for shareholder value measures in 2007

Eching near Munich, May 15, 2007. With the approval of its Supervisory Board,
the Management Board of Kontron AG took advantage of its various
authorizations today and resolved to redeem one million of the company’s
individual share certificates in the amount of some EUR 13 million, while
lowering the company’s overall capital stock to a total of € 51.3 million. This
capital reduction through redemption will be effected by taking the shares of the
company’s stock portfolio off the books. Consequently, this measure translates
into a 2% arithmetical improvement in earnings per share for the company’s
shareholders in the future.
This policy – which focuses on shareholder value – will be underscored in
financial year 2007. No less than a total of EUR 20 million will be employed for
stock repurchases, redemption of stock options and dividend distribution,
equaling twice the amount committed in the year 2006.
It was only at the end of April that the company reported a 45% increase in net
profit for the first quarter of 2007, reaching a total of EUR 4.9 million. Kontron
aims to achieve both double-digit and above average growth in the year 2007.

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