Business Critical Linux Platform (BCLP) Initiative Delivers Industrial-Strength, Certified OpenLinux Capabilities On Stable Intel-Architecture Platforms

Santa Cruz, CA., August 20, 2001 - Caldera International Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD) and ICS Advent announced an on-going joint development and marketing effort focused on providing certified Linux OS, server and network management software running on ICS Advent Omnix LS industrial PC platforms optimized to take advantage of the performance, stability and scalability of Intel® Architecture. Known as the Business Critical Linux Platform (BCLP) initiative, the joint effort brings together industry leaders in open-systems software and applied-computing platforms with state-of-the-art microprocessor and communications I/O technology, to assure hardened Linux performance and deployability for demanding network, Web and enterprise-level server applications.

The recent explosion of interest in open operating system software and the widespread development of Linux-based applications have turned Linux into a major mainstream force in the computer and communications industries. According to International Data Corporation, Linux has already become one of the most widely used operating platforms in the server market, second only to Microsoft. Caldera´s products based on the 2.4 Linux kernel offer superior robustness for multi-tasking and an inherently small footprint that provides an ideal alternative for implementing dedicated network servers and application-specific communications platforms.

"The BCLP initiative complements Caldera´s established leadership in providing rigorously tested, certified and fully-supported Linux and UNIX software products," said Ransom Love, CEO of Caldera International, Inc. "Linux has achieved phenomenal success because of the global open-systems development model, which allows multiple developers to access, modify and generally broadcast improvements in the source code. However, for business critical applications, it is equally important to proactively manage revision levels to assure on-going stability and to provide comprehensive support for fully productized software distributions. Caldera´s OpenLinux operating system and integrated applications, along with our unique Volution networked management tools, create an ideal software environment, which has been fully tested and certified on ICS Advent´s Omnix LS hardware platforms."

According to Chris Rezendes, ICS Advent vice president and general manager, "The pressure to find new sources of revenue and productivity is driving a fundamental shift in investment and development emphasis from the network core to the network edge. Companies working at the edge of the enterprise and infrastructure networks have extreme pressures to quickly deliver new revenue and profit-generating services, which require high performance, stable, scalable platforms backed up by the best software migration and hardware integration services available. These are primary factors driving interest in and demand for Linux on Intel Architecture bundled solutions and support services. The BCLP initiative is designed to meet the needs of infrastructure OEMs, independent systems integrators, next generation service providers and enterprise end-users developing on and deploying at the edge. Essentially, the BCLP initiative is all about providing Linux on Intel Architecture standard products, certified solutions and world-class professional services within the framework of a single source environment."

"We believe the rapid growth of Linux applications represents an opportunity for deployment of embedded Intel Architecture solutions," said Joe Jensen, general manager, Embedded Intel Architecture Division. "As market demand for high-performance, reliable and scalable Linux servers continues to escalate across a wide range of applications, Intel intends to provide the fundamental processor technologies."

Having worked closely together for a number of months to define market requirements and develop product specifications, Caldera and ICS Advent will be demonstrating

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