CP-Pocket/303-V: Modular CompactPCI System with 400MHz ULV Intel®

Superior Flexibility at a Rack-Mount PC Price

Kaufbeuren, Germany, Mai 20, 2004 - The CP-Pocket/303-V from Kontron Modular Computers is a new fanless, wall-mountable CompactPCI complete system, equipped with a 400MHz ULV Intel® Celeron® processor - a new competitor to the Pentium® III-M and hence especially useful for controller solutions. With three front-access CompactPCI slots, the system is ideal for use as a configurable machine controller or a compact server system. It provides an alternative to compact rack-mount PCs, a highly competitive market segment. Front-access CompactPCI system boards can easily be exchanged - to the great relief of systems integrators and maintenance personnel. Thanks to the CompactPCI feature set, this system solution provides superior flexibility at a base price of less than 1000 Euro.

The system can be scaled within the Celeron® performance range from 400 MHz to 1 GHz. It offers a 256KB L2 cache for all of its variants and an easy upgrade to a Pentium® M to provide more computing power for applications that need it. The ultralow-voltage variant, with a maximum power dissipation of 10 W at 400 MHz, runs without a cooling fan. Other features include a front-end, on-board Ethernet interface enabling network communications and socketless CPUs. The 144-pin SODIMM provides up to 512 MB of RAM. An optional Type II CompactFlash card and an extensive range of Kontron front-access, plug-in I/O boards complete the offering to ensure that the perfect configuration can be found for every OEM and every systems integrator.

The CP-Pocket/303-V systems can be used in all standard industrial applications, for example, as soft PLC or IPC controllers for mechanical engineering applications and compact server systems for the expanding field of industrial Ethernet communications. Equipped with field bus cards, the systems also make exceptional master stations for field bus solutions. Use of visualization solutions is always possible via the PC feature set.

The CP-Pocket includes the CP303-V CPU board with a 400MHz ULV Celeron® processor and 128MB RAM as well as a fanless 75W AC or DC power supply. It currently costs less than 1000 Euro and will be available from May 2004.

Advantages of CP-Pocket Systems
What makes CP-Pocket systems unique is that they are not equipped with ISA- or PCI-based expansion cards, like classical box-type PCs are, but rather they have front-access CompactPCI boards that can be simply and quickly changed - hence making configuration and maintenance a snap. With three expansion slots, the CP-Pocket provides enough flexibility to enable any customer-specified expansion. Kontron can satisfy all standard interface requirements with its range of I/O boards, which include all standard field bus interfaces to provide ease of handling at a price that is comparable to that of any standard ISA or PCI card.

Until now CompactPCI boards and systems have mainly been used in demanding high-end applications. With the performance range broken down into typical industrial applications, the CP-Pocket offers, for the first time ever, maximum comfort at a standard price. The processor power and I/O layout can be customized to fit changing requirements, making it a safe investment. In addition to the Ethernet interfaces on the standard processor card, a Kontron Ethernet switch can be added to make the CP-Pocket optimally equipped for industrial Ethernet communications. The only thing the user has to do is insert the appropriate components. The same housing can be used for all configurations, making the investment, over the entire lifetime of the system, particularly attractive.

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