Dolch FlexPAC: Kontron´s new Rugged PCI-X Portable Platform

Dolch FlexPAC: Kontron´s new Rugged PCI-X Portable Platform

Equipped with a Powerful Intel® XeonTM 2.8 GHz Processor

Eching/Germany, April 24, 2006 - The new Kontron FlexPAC PCI-X platform system is the most space efficient, easily expandable portable in the industry, and is setting the standards for rugged mobile solutions. The new FlexPAC PCI-X like all Kontron products is engineered and tested to ensure quality and performance. Adding to the FlexPAC family our new PCI-X system provides the industry with an ideal platform for critical applications and offers versatility and add-in capabilities. PCI-X Performance for mission critical applications provides next generation solutions for OEMs, End Users and Integrators," said Norbert Hauser, Vice President Marketing of Kontron.

Rugged portability and increased performance
The new FlexPAC PCI-X is the ideal platform for any test and measurement environment or any application that requires a high performance rugged solution. Equipped with a powerful Intel® XeonTM 2.8 GHz processor the Kontron FlexPAC PCI-X platform provides three slots for expansion, one PCI-X 133 MHz slot and two PCI-X 100 MHz. Other features include Dual Gigabit LAN controller, built-in Serial ATA controller, and a Mini PCI slot. The Kontron FlexPAC PCI-X provides value and quality that is backed by Kontrons superior customer service and support infrastructure unmatched by the competition.

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