FieldWorks Unveils the FW8000 Field WorkStation

Combines rugged portability with desktop expansion power for hostile field enviromentss

Eden Prairie, Minn., March 27, 2000 - FieldWorks Inc. (NASDAQ: FWRX), a leading solution provider and mobile computer supplier for demanding field applications, today announced the availability of the FieldWorks FW8000 Field WorkStation - the ultimate tool for reliability, adaptability and performance for portable computing in the field.

The FW8000 is built to be taken wherever it is needed and to operate reliably in adverse conditions. Designed to meet the needs of users in the most punishing field environments, the FW8000 is particularly suited for defense applications such as data acquisition, flightline communication, on-vehicle use and missile control.

The FW8000 is now available from FieldWorks-authorized value added resellers and the GSA schedule. Customers also can contact FieldWorks Field Technology Sales at 952-974-7000.

"FieldWorks workstations are used in situations where accurate, real-time data is a must," said Dave Mell, CEO, FieldWorks. For our users, downtime is more than an inconvenience, it can jeopardize an entire deployment. Tailored to meet the emerging technological demands for field automation, the FW8000 builds upon the data reliability, ruggedness and performance for which FieldWorks workstations have been known for years.

The FieldWorks FW8000 offers an array of impressive features to meet the needs of even the most demanding field user, including:
Ruggedness tested to military standards: With its magnesium chassis and patented shock-mounting procedure for internal components, the FW8000 is tested to exacting military standards (Mil-Std-810E) for its ability to withstand shock (75G) and vibration.
Adaptability: An expansion card cage, integrated into the FW8000 chassis, provides full power and connection for up to three full-length or six half-length ISA or PCI expansion cards. This adaptability is an advantage, for example, for flightline applications for which multiple communication protocols are used to interface with an aircraft.
Reliable protection from the elements: The FW8000s active cooling technology allows for continuous operation in temperatures as high as 50C. Optional features include a Cold Weather option, allowing for startup and operation in temperatures as low as minus 30C, and the Weather Seal option, which provides additional sealing components for protection against dust, rain, and humidity.
All-in-one design: The FW8000s unique construction design alleviates the need to carry loose cables, external devices or power supplies in the field. With an integrated handle, the FW8000 closes like a briefcase and houses all components in a lightweight, small-footprint form factor.
Performance, storage and connectivity: The FW8000 features a Pentium II . processor; rugged, removable hard drives; and two USB ports.
The FW8000 also features a choice of 12.1-inch displays, including an XGA display and a daylight-readable display for readability in bright sunlight.

With this introduction, FieldWorks will no longer market the FW7000 Field Workstation -- the FW8000s predecessor. FieldWorks also manufactures and markets the FW2000, a mobile data server for in-vehicle applications, and the FW5000, a completely modular, rugged laptop.

For more information, visit FieldWorks online at

About FieldWorks:
FieldWorks Inc., founded in 1992, designs, manufactures and sells solutions incorporating rugged computers for transportation, public service, military/government and heavy equipment industries worldwide. FieldWorks provides a complete solution to customers that includes product customization, integration and support services. FieldWorks products are designed and produced in compliance with its formal quality system, which is certified to the international ISO9001 quality standard.

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