Flat Panel Graphics Card for CompactPCI

Equipped for all flat panels

Kaufbeuren, Germany, April 19, 1999 - Flat panels are being increasingly used as operator interfaces for industrial applications. According to a study conducted by the magazine Control Engineering the proportion of flat panels used in the next generation of equipment installations should exceed the 50% mark. For these displays PEP Modular Computers is now introducing onto the market the CP331 High Performance Graphics Controller Card for CompactPCI in single-height format. The board is equipped with a high performance Chips & Technology 69000 graphics controller in state-of-the-art technology, enabling resolutions from VGA (640x480) through to SXGA (1280x1024).

The controller card is fitted with interfaces for CRT (VGA monitor) and flat-panel displays with the three different connection technologies, TTL, LVDS or PanelLink, enabling it to support the complete range of flat-panel displays from TFT, DSTN, SSTN, EL and Plasma in both colour and monochrome versions. Not only that, parallel operation of CRT monitors and flat-panel displays is possible.

The high performance capability of the graphics controller has been achieved partly by the integrated 2 MB video RAM and the hardware accelerator using a 64-bit BitBLT (Bit Block Transfer) engine.

The CP331 High Performance Graphics Controller Card provides software support for Windows NT and Zinc for VxWorks and will be available from June 1999.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
PR Manager
Email: susape@pep-kaufbeuren.de

Company Contact:
Winfried Wolf
Product Manager
Email: winfwo@pep-kaufbeuren.de

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