ICS Advent And Opto 22 Introduce First-of-Its-Kind Factory Server and Ethernet I/O Package Solutions

Partnership Provides Customers With Complete, Ruggedized PC/Internet/Network/I/O Solutions

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Feb. 5, 2001 - ICS Advent, the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions, today announced a partnership with Opto 22, a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardware and software solutions for connecting real-world devices with computer networks. The partnership offers customers a complete solution with ICS Advent´s OmnixTM 1U or 2U rack mount servers and the Opto 22 SNAP Ethernet I/O product line. SNAP Ethernet I/O product line features a modular architecture that connects a wide variety of electronic and mechanical devices, such as lights, temperature and pressure sensors, motors and serial devices, to computers using Ethernet networks, wireless LAN networks and the Internet. This solution lets customers remotely (from any location) monitor and control data stored anywhere in the world.

As the largest provider of PC plug-in I/O and communication board products, the SNAP Ethernet I/O is a natural extension of ICS Advent´s critical remote data acquisition and control application product line. The partnership allows ICS Advent´s team of application sales engineers experienced in general data acquisition systems to design and offer their customers complete, ruggedized and remote PC/Internet/ network/I/O solutions, while Opto 22 can refer their customers to ICS Advent for system-level integrated solutions.

"We´re pleased to partner with Opto 22," said Stephen Newbegin, I/O & communications product manager, ICS Advent. "The partnership allows both our companies to offer complementary and viable, real-world solutions for remote I/O data acquisition and control for our customers. As an example, Opto 22 applications combined with ruggedized Omnix servers provides an interface in areas that may be inappropriate to put a regular PC with I/O data acquisition boards. The SNAP Ethernet I/O is one more way for ICS Advent to provide customers with a total solution and customized packages that are backed by our after-sales engineers and 24x7 customer service support."

SNAP Ethernet I/O is one of the most flexible and easy to use remote I/O products currently available. It is web enabled and network-ready and can immediately receive data and send commands to multiple places over a network or the Internet. It supports standard open protocols such as TCP/IP, SNMP, XML or e-mail, for easy access to data from any location. For example, the product allows a customer to remotely monitor plant data over company Internet or Intranet or provide supervisory control data with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software.

The SNAP Ethernet I/O product utilizes pure TCP/IP protocol with 100Mbps fast Ethernet support. It has a built-in Web server, with a compact, flexible, high performance processor. The Digital I/O modules are familiar and easy to use. It features analog input/output modules with 4, 8, 12 and 16 module mounting racks and comes equipped with AC or 24VDC power supplies.

ICS Advent´s Omnix family features an innovative modular backplane architecture and chassis options that span a variety of sizes, features and power levels. Available in dozens of variations, the Omnix family is designed to meet the diverse server and PC platform requirements of widespread applications such as computer telephony, telecommunications, Internet services and industrial automation.

"In the industrial automation world, there is no hotter topic than the use of Internet and Ethernet technology," said Bob Sheffres, vice president, Opto 22. "What separates our products from all the talk is that we have hundreds of customers using it for real applications. Our partnership with ICS Advent allows us to provide our customers with an affordable and customized solution for accurate data from real world devices, inexpensively provided over standard networks."

The SNAP Ethernet I/O is available immediately through ICS Advent´s worldwide distr

ibution network and direct sales channels. Prices start at $42 for a variety of select I/O modules. Pricing varies for a combination of complete package solutions, which starts at $814 (this package includes a computer Internet brain, one digital rack and plug-in modules). Power supply options and accessories are available at extra cost. ICS advent also offers a complete I/O and communication product line. These products can also be ordered online at or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320. The product carries a two-year warranty with superior pre- and post-sales technical support.

About Opto 22
Founded in 1974, Opto 22 is a manufacturer of hardware and software products that extend the reach of the traditional computer network to include real-world devices. Over 60 million devices worldwide are reliably connected to Opto 22 systems. Customer applications include enterprise management, remote monitoring and control, and data acquisition. Opto 22 is a pioneer in recognizing and delivering products that connect real-world devices to the network. All Opto 22 products are manufactured in the U.S. at the company´s headquarters in Temecula, California. For more information, please call 800-321-OPTO or visit .

About ICS Advent
ICS Advent is focused on helping customers meet the demands of developing and deploying open communications systems (OCS) and next-generation converged networks. The company designs, manufactures and integrates high-availability rack mount computers and single board computers to meet customers´ specific computing platform, server and application hosting solution requirements.

Founded in 1985, ICS Advent has been the leader in providing stable rack mount computer solutions, PC plug-in board level products for I/O, communications and telephony, and comprehensive integration and support services for more than 15 years to customers in the following industries: applied computing, medical and industrial automation and control, and industrial test and measurement. The company has moved beyond this heritage and expanded its market focus to include OCS solutions, such as IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing and broadcasting/convergence.

ICS Advent products, solutions and services are available through the company´s worldwide distribution network of authorized integration partners and its direct sales channels. Customers can also order products online at www.icsadvent.com or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320. The company has ISO-certified facilities in San Diego, Calif. and Chichester, UK.

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