ICS Advent Introduces New Digital and Relay Boards

New Products Are PCI Versions of Company´s Popular and Long-Selling Boards

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 10 2001 - ICS Advent, the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions, today introduced the PCI version of its popular digital and relay boards: model PCI-161SO, a half card PCI solution for digital monitoring where inputs must be isolated, and PCI 32 Reed Relay outputs (models PC1-32REL and PCI-32REL-B), which offer alternative cabling.

The new digital and relay boards are additions to the ICS Advent family of digital isolated and relay boards. These boards are PCI board solutions for digital controls where on-board relays are required in test equipment, instrumentation, process control, satellite/microwave network control, audio switching and analog multiplexing. Both boards feature a plug-n-play auto selection where no address switches are required.

The PCI-16ISO isolated digital inputs board is the PCI version of the ISA 161SO. It is both pin-out and software equivalent to the input half of the PCI-DIO32 digital relay cards. The PCI-32REL is for customers who prefer two PCI-16 REL boards in one slot. The PCI-32REL-B provides existing customers of the ICS Advent´s popular 32REL-B ISA board with a PCI version including an exact connector pin-out or for those wanting A and B side of the relays on separate connectors.

"We´re pleased to present these new digital and relay boards which completes the existing product line," said Stephen Newbegin, I/O & communications product manager, ICS Advent. "These boards provide a PCI solution that customers have been asking for. They are a viable solution not only for our existing customers, but also for new ones."

The PCI 16 isolated digital inputs board has16 optically isolated AC or DC inputs. Socketed resistor packs can be changed to vary isolated input range of up to 24 volts, with the board default being within the 2.8-12 VAC/DC range. The PCI-16ISO offers the same features and pin-out as the ISA 16ISO with the same DB-37 female connector for all 16 inputs. Also with a PCI bus, no address switch is required. The board has two 8-bit ports and takes up only one half PCI slot. Power and ground is provided on the connector. PCI-16ISO is PCI 2.1 compliant (seen past bridge). The board supports DOS and Windows 98/ME/NT/2000.

The PCI-32REL and PCI-32REL-B are the same short 6.60-inch PCI board solution. They are more reliable compared to electro-mechanical relays in applications of high switch count. The PCI-32REL comes with shielded dual breakout cable to two DB37 male connectors that each has the same pin-outs as the PCI-16REL allowing users double the number of relays while taking up only a single PCI slot. The PCI-32REL-B comes with a different shielded dual breakout cable to two DB37 female connectors that each has the same pin-outs as the ISA 32REL-B. his option has the A-side of the relays on one DB37 connector and the B-side of the relays on the second DB37. This allows customers to buy only a single termination board if the B-side is not used in the application. This also allows a smooth upgrade using the same cabling for those changing from the ISA 32REL-B to the PCI bus.

The PCI 32 reed relay output features 32 channels with SPST relays. It has a life expectancy of 200M operations (low load) or 100M operations (max load). Its maximum switching power is 10VA, resistive load. The PCI 32 has a maximum speed of 600Hz. It withstands 20G shock and vibration. Both boards support DOS, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 for full I/O support.

These products are available immediately through ICS Advent´s worldwide distribution network and direct sales channels. The PCI-16ISO (including documentation and software CDs) is priced starting at $219. Both PCI-32REL and PCI-32REL-B (including DB37P shielded cable, documentation and software CDs) are priced at $469. Various accessories for all the boards are also available at extra cost. ICS Advent also offers a complete I/O and communication product line. Thes

e products can also be ordered online at www.icsadvent.com or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320. The products carry a two-year warranty with superior pre- and post-sales technical support.

About ICS Advent
ICS Advent is focused on helping customers meet the demands of developing and deploying open communications systems (OCS) and next-generation converged networks. The company designs, manufactures and integrates high-availability rack mount computers and single board computers to meet customers´ specific computing platform, server and application hosting solution requirements.

Founded in 1985, ICS Advent has been the leader in providing stable rack mount computer solutions, PC plug-in board level products for I/O, communications and telephony, and comprehensive integration and support services for more than 15 years to customers in the following industries: applied computing, defense, medical and industrial automation and control, and industrial test and measurement. The company has moved beyond this heritage and expanded its market focus to include OCS solutions, such as IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing and broadcasting/convergence.

ICS Advent products, solutions and services are available through the company´s worldwide distribution network of authorized integration partners and its direct sales channels. Customers can also order products online at or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320. The company has ISO-certified facilities in San Diego, Calif. and Chichester, UK.

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