ICS Advent Introduces New Family of Single-Board Computers

Endeavor Plus Product Delivers New Levels of Power, Scalability and Integration

San Diego, Ca. - - ICS Advent, the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions, has introduced Endeavor Plus SBC, a new family of single board computers extending computing architecture to new levels of enterprise and technical computing. The most advanced SBC in the industry, the Endeavor Plus features an i810e Intel AGP set with dual BGA packages supporting FSB up to 133 megahertz.
The Endeavor Plus is powerful, scalable and extends greater flexibility in system integration and is ideal for telecommunications infrastructures, industrial automation, enhanced services, machine control, broadcasting, convergence, IP telephony, call centers, medical, CPE and IVR applications.
"Weve designed the board to offer a highly integrated combination of key features," said Pam Miller Harris, director of product marketing, ICS Advent. "This upgrade provides our customers with higher performance while delivering the system-level capabilities that project designers have come to expect from ICS Advent."
The Endeavor Plus features integrated video, Ethernet and SCSI interfaces. The integrated Intel 82810E graphics controller supports 2D graphics up to 1600x1200 with Full 2D H/W acceleration as well as includes 4MB SCDRAM. The onboard Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Controller uses the Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet chip. The Adaptec AIC-7892 SCSI controller used provides Ultra 160 SCSI performance.
The board has a "Disk-On-Chip" feature with one reserved 32-pin socket supporting M-systems Flash Disk Up to 144MB. Using two 168-pin DIMM sockets, the Endeavor Plus supports 3.3V SDRAM up to 512MB. The bus interface follows PICMG standards fully complying with PCI bus specification V2.1.
The Endeavor Plus can be upgraded to next-generation processors, as they become available thus assuring superior PC performance in future applications. It also provides greater flexibility by supporting older technology backplanes, taking advantage of higher processing power while maintaining applications and older ISA systems.
The Endeavor Plus family is available in three models. The base model is equipped with AGP display. The other models include the addition of 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and Ultra III SCSI.
The Endeavor Plus is priced starting at $695 and immediately available through ICS Advents domestic and international distribution network and direct sales channels. The Endeavor Plus can also be ordered online at www.icsadvent.com or by calling a sales representative at 800-523-2320.
About ICS Advent
ICS Advent (formerly Industrial Computer Source) is the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions. The company, which manufactures and stocks PC platform solutions supporting Intel processors and compatible operating systems, specializes in developing customized CPU designs for the embedded market.
ICS Advents offerings include industrial rack mount computers, chassis and enclosures, single board computers, custom and high availability computers and chassis, custom hardware design and system integration. ICS Advent targets its solutions to a variety of industries, including: IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing, broadcasting/convergence, applied computing, medical and industrial automation.
For information about ICS Advent and its products, solutions and services, please visit its website at www.icsadvent.com or call (800) 523-2320.
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