ICS Advent Introduces New Motherboards

Dual Pentium III and Dual BX Products Deliver High Performance and Stability

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Feb. 13, 2001 - ICS Advent, the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions, today introduced two high-performing Dual Pentium III ATX Motherboard solutions. One is a low-profile board based on the ServerWorks LE chip set (#MBATX-DSW1-VE) and the other is based on the stable Intel 440BX chip set (#MBATX-DBX-VE). Both boards utilize proven technology that supports a variety of complex applications, such as computer and Internet telephony, Internet infrastructure and telecommunications.

The two new products support Intel´s Pentium III processors providing excellent processing performance. In addition, they allow for greater density by integrating common requirements on board such as graphics, dual Ethernet, and optional dual SCSI interfaces. The low-profile Dual ServerWorks board, with features such as angled memory sockets and low-profile I/O, is designed for high-density applications using 1U and 2U servers. The Dual BX Motherboard is designed to have good performance while offering a stable platform not common with most motherboards. Based on the Intel 440BX chip set, this motherboard is planned to have years of stable product life rather than the 9-12 months of traditional motherboards. In addition to their affordability, what distinguishes these motherboards from others in the market today is that both are integrated into complete solutions backed by ICS Advent´s renowned enhanced services and customer support.

"With these high-performing, yet affordable motherboards, we have configured new systems that offer the best solutions for our customers with regard to density, stability, and scalability," said Pam Miller Harris, director of product management, ICS Advent. "These boards are building blocks used to create a range of platform solutions in which customers can configure quality hardware solutions for their applications, with the assistance of our integration service and backed by our industry-leading 24 x 7 support services."

The MBATX-DSW1-VE features support for Intel® Pentium III FC-PGA processors, up to 1GHz; integrated video with up to 4 MB display cache; two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces; and an optional dual Ultra 160 SCSI. The 4 GB RAM memory support comes with 25-degree angled DIMM sockets, ideal for 1U or 2U rack mount systems. The board is designed for server applications requiring the processing power of dual Socket 370 Pentium III processors. With two 64-bit/66MHz PCI expansion slots, the Dual Serverworks Motherboard offers maximum performance in an ATX form factor making it ideal for many applications such as SAN storage, web server, or a variety of applications that converge voice and data.

The MBATX-DBX-VE´s highly integrated design is a based on the 440BX chipset supporting Dual Intel Pentium III processors up to 850MHz with 100MHz front side bus. Onboard features include dual 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, onboard C&T 69000 VGA controller with 2MB SDRAM video, AGP, ISA and PCI slots, and an optional dual channel Ultra160 SCSI. With these features onboard, more slots are available for additional add-on requirements. Also targeted for a variety of applications, the Dual BX Motherboard is designed to have good performance with stability of supply. The board´s memory supports up to 1GB SDRAM with ECC with 4 DIMM sockets. The Dual BX utilizes proven technology, with lots of deployment and applications. It also has long-life stability of expected three years, a revolutionary advancement in comparison to the standard life of a motherboard.

Both boards are priced starting at $995 each. The Dual BX motherboard (#MBATX-DBX-VE) comes with video and Ethernet or with video, Ethernet and SCSI (#MBATX-DBX-VES). The Dual Serverworks (#MBATX-DSW1-VE) is also available with optional SCSI (#MBATX-DSW1-VES). Both products are currently available through ICS Advent´s worldwide distribution network and direct sales channels. They can also be

ordered on-line at or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320. The products are backed by superior pre- and post-sales technical support.

About ICS Advent
ICS Advent is focused on helping customers meet the demands of developing and deploying open communications systems (OCS) and next-generation converged networks. The company designs, manufactures and integrates high-availability rack mount computers and single board computers to meet customers´ specific computing platform, server and application hosting solution requirements.

Founded in 1985, ICS Advent has been the leader in providing stable rack mount computer solutions and comprehensive integration and support services for more than 15 years to customers in the following industries: applied computing, medical and industrial automation and control, and industrial test and measurement. The company has moved beyond this heritage and expanded its market focus to include OCS solutions, such as IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing and broadcasting/convergence.

ICS Advent products, solutions and services are available through the company´s worldwide distribution network of authorized integration partners and its direct sales channels. Customers can also order products online at or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320. The company has ISO-certified facilities in San Diego, Calif. and Chichester, UK.

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