ICS Advent promises rapid shipment and unprecedented modularity with new Omnix Family of business critical applied computing platforms

Omnix Provides Essential PC Infrastructure for Computer Telephony, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation and Control, Test and Measurement and Other High-Performance Solutions

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - July 26, 2000 - ICS Advent, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynatech Corp., and leading provider of business critical applied computing platforms for OEMs, end users and systems integrators, today announced the immediate availability of its new Omnix family of PC-based industrial computing platforms.

Omnix consists of seven new systems that can be configured as rack-mounted or stand-alone. With an innovative modular backplane architecture and chassis options that span a variety of sizes, features and power levels, the Omnix family is available in 42 variations and is designed to meet the diverse PC platform requirements of high availability applications such as computer telephony, telecommunications, industrial automation and control, and industrial test and measurement.

Omnix systems are designed for rapid configuration and rapid delivery. Additionally, ICS Advent offers 24x7 customer support for the Omnix family.

Omnix is the byproduct of a strategic ICS Advent initiative to achieve increased system flexibility while offering the industry´s fastest delivery schedules and most responsive customer support. The new suite complements the Company´s existing platform offerings, which include low cost, single board computers, chassis and rack-mount systems; custom systems co-created with OEM, end user and systems integration partners; and completely integrated hardware/software solutions supporting open communications systems (OCS) standards.

"To remain the premiere force in applied computing platforms, ICS Advent is making aggressive advancements in both its system design and customer service programs," said Charles Gunderson, vice president of marketing for ICS Advent. "The Omnix family´s ground-breaking modular backplane design provides a commonality of components that not only makes rapid configuration, customization and delivery possible, but allows for dramatic cost reduction as well.

"By initiating new Web-based configuration and procurement practices, and bolstering our international sales and distribution channels, we are committed to making next-generation hardware solutions like Omnix available to customers within days instead of weeks," added Gunderson.

Omnix Family: Configured for Rapid Delivery
The Omnix family is a set of modular chassis and backplane components that combine to form a broad range of computer platforms for OEMs, systems integrators, end users and value-added resellers. The product line consists of seven rack sizes:

1U (23" long)
2U (18" long)

2UL (23" long)
4U (18" long)

4UL (26" long)
5U (18")

6U (18")

While the 1U and 2U units make use of fixed-size passive backplanes, with three slots and six slots respectively, the higher-end 4U, 5U and 6U models all share the same basic set of modular backplane building blocks and offer up to 20 slots. All models also can be configured with ATX motherboards rather than a passive backplane system.

"The Omnix family´s platform engineered design supports a much more efficient manufacturing process, with a significant reduction in raw part numbers and sub-assemblies, and greatly improved flexibility for pre-building to forecasted requirements," said Pam Miller Harris, director of product management. "As a result, Omnix systems can not only be produced more efficiently than traditional systems,

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