SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2003 - Kontron, a leading embedded computer technology company, announces the development of the ETX-P3M component SBC at the Embedded System Conference. The new ETX-P3M component SBC module supports the Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor - M and CeleronTM processors (650 and 933 MHz processors with long-term availability and up to 1.2 GHz processors for socketed versions). At 1.2 GHz, the ETX-P3M offers the highest level of processor performance in an ETX form factor. Reduced power consumption is achieved using both ACPI and APM 1.2 for power management. With an integrated core chip set, the ETX-P3M provides Pro Savage 4 graphics and enhanced audio. In addition to standard ETX features, the ETX-P3M supports four USB ports, up to 1GB-SDRAM, 10/100Base-T Ethernet, keyboard/mouse controllers, real-time clock, and Watchdog timer.
Production quantities will be available in Q2, 2003; the target price is $730 (ETX-P3M, Pentium III-M processor, 933 MHz), in quantities of 100 modules. For additional pricing information, please contact Kontron Sales.

ABOUT ETX COMPONENT SBC MODULES: ETX technology was developed by Kontron´s embedded modules division (formerly JUMPtec) to facilitate lower cost and faster time-to-market semi-custom designs. ETX modules are like components, plugging into an application-specific baseboard. The ETX modules supply the core CPU and memory subsystems together with Sound, SVGA, Ethernet and standard PC I/O. They connect to the rest of the embedded system through high-density, low profile, surface-mount connectors, which carry both ISA and PCI bus signals as well as dedicated I/O interfaces. The mechanics of the interconnection is such that an ETX/baseboard combination is virtually the same height as a one-board solution. ETX modules are scaleable and interchangeable, and they make possible the rapid development of semi-custom solutions for embedded applications.

ABOUT KONTRON: Kontron is a leading global embedded computer technology company. Kontron supplies a diversified customer base of OEMs, system integrators and application providers in the communications, automation, transportation, medical, military, aerospace, and test and measurement markets. The company helps its customers to considerably reduce their time-to-market and to gain a competitive advantage with products including high-performance open computer platforms and systems, single-board computers, man-machine interfaces and mobile computers. Kontron is a member of the Intel Applied Computing Platform Provider Program (ACPP Program). Kontron employs over 1100 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The company is listed on the German Neuer Markt stock exchange under the symbol "KBC".

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