Kontron Achieves a Considerable Increase in Turnover and Operating Results

Eching, Germany, August 6, 2001 - Kontron Embedded Computers AG, one of the worlds leading producers of miniatuarised computers has more than double turnover and the operating result in the first half of 2001 compared to the same period of the previous year. Turnover rose to 201 million DM (compared to 81 million DM in the first half of 2000). The EBITDA result was increased considerably to 25.9 million DM compared to the previous half year (12.4 mill. DM). Annual net profit grew by about 60 percent from 9.5 million DM in the first half of 2000 to 15 million DM in the current business year.

With these figures Kontron see itself as the fasted growing Embedded Computer Technology Company in the world. On account of the current low in the general world economy, which also affects the ECT market, Kontron is expecting slower growth in the second half of the year. For the total business year 2001 growth of more than 80 percent compared to the previous year will not be achieved, says the Kontron Board; however, despite the unfavourable world economy, a strong increase in turnover of more than 60 percent and a significant increase in EBITDA earnings of at least 40 percent will be achieved compared to the previous year. The expansion strategy is to be continued consistently. The financial prerequisites for this are excellent due to the very high liquidity of the Kontron Group. Reduction of stocks, improved logistics processes and a further purchase have caused operative cashflow (at minus 40 million DM in the 2000 business year) to increase from 2 million DM in the first quarter of 2000 to 22 million DM in the first half of the year. Cash balance in the form of bank balance rose from 74 million DM to 83 million DM in the second quarter of this year. Overall the Kontron Group currently has available over 130 million DM in the form of cash and non-used credit line. The share of equity capital was at 66 percent of the balance sheet total amounting to 454.5 million DM.

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