Kontron AG: agreement reached on reconciliation of interests and social plan

  • Transfer of operations to Augsburg und Deggendorf agreed
  • All measures to be implemented by November 2014
  • Total volume of social plan for Kontron Europe GmbH to amount to 8,2 Mio. Euro

Eching near Munich, 5. Dezember 2013 – Kontron and representatives of the general works council have reached agreement in front of an arbitration committee on a reconciliation of interests, and have decided on a social plan. The agreement clears the way for the Executive Board‘s plan, announced on 24 July 2013, to operate the company out of three German locations in future: all Kaufbeuren, Eching, Roding and Ulm jobs will be transferred to Augsburg and Deggendorf. Augsburg will be built out to become a central, cutting-edge technology campus, and Deggendorf’s role will be strengthened through the addition of further strategically important functions.
Accordingly, Kontron is offering all its employees to relocate their roles to its Augsburg and Deggendorf sites. In order to facilitate this transfer, the social plan offers a range of mobility benefits, as well as relocation support measures.
„I am pleased that, after constructive talks with the general works council, we have reached a good result for all our employees and for the company. The measures we have agreed on are an essential prerequisite for the implementation of our vision“, says Rolf Schwirz, Kontron AG’s Chief Executive Officer. „These measures will increase our clout in the global ECT market significantly and are therefore an important step towards regaining the number 1 position in this space. The agreement also provides the cornerstone for the build-out of our Augsburg headquarters. Our employees will soon find a high-tech, cutting-edge work environment there.“
All measures are to be implemented by the end of November 2014. The total volume of the social plan for Kontron Europe GmbH will amount to 8,2 Mio. Euro.
By reaching this milestone, the company takes a big step to increase its efficiency. Further initiatives will involve cutting indirect and direct costs, as well as optimising its product portfolio.

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