Kontron AG - Order books on record level

Kontron AG announces higher dividend disbursement

Eching, Munich, January 22, 2008. In the fourth quarter, Kontron AG has succeeded in once again boosting orders at hand to a new record level and is now confirming previous statements on sales and earnings expectations in 2007. As the company announced, orders on the books at the end of the year exceed € 265 million by comparison with € 220 million at the end of 2006. At the same time, the design wins, one of the key indicators for future business developments, have been boosted by 25 percent over 2006.

In spite of the recent rise in market uncertainties fueled by fears of a recession in the United States, the pronounced increase in order levels and design wins confirm that the company is on track in achieving the long-term targets of double-digit growth paired with increasing profitability. According to company practice, the guidance on the 2008 business year will be stated at the balance sheet press conference in March.

Against the backdrop of the sound business developments, the management board will propose increasing the dividend outpayment by around 30 percent to approximately 20 cents per share.

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