Kontron AG raises sales and earnings forecast for 2006

  • First-half revenues up by 35% to EUR 179.9 million
  • First-half EBIT climbs by 40% to EUR 11.8 million
  • Semi-annual record in order intake (EUR 283 million) and orders at hand (EUR 207 million)

Eching, Munich, July 24, 2006. Kontron AG, one of the world's leading
manufacturers of embedded computer systems is raising its sales and earnings
forecast in connection with the announcement of the semi-annual figures. With
regard to the 2006 business year, the TecDAX-listed corporation is expecting
revenue gains of 15 percent over the previous year (EUR 300 million) to EUR
345 million. A increase more than 15 percent if also anticipated with regard to the
operating result (EBIT). At the beginning of the year Kontron had announced an
expected > 10 % rise in revenues and EBIT.

In the second quarter of the ongoing businesses year the company generated
sales of EUR 93.3 million over EUR 71.2 million in the prior year period. This
represents a gain by 31 percent. In the first half of 2006 Kontron AG generated
total revenues of EUR 179.9 million over EUR 133.5 million in the same period
last year. Strong gains were also achieved in earnings. With EBIT standing at
EUR 6.7 million in the second quarter, Kontron exceeded the performance of
the prior year period by 36 percent (EUR 4.9 million). The total operating result
of the first six months of 2006 comes in at EUR 11.8 million by comparison with
EUR 8.4 million in the previous year. Accordingly, surplus for the period was up
from EUR 6.2 million in the first half of 2005 to EUR 8 million in the first half of
2006 (of which EUR 4.6 million were generated in the second quarter).

Order intake and the level of orders at hand outpaced the dynamic
developments in revenues and earnings. In the first half of 2006, incoming
orders amounted to a total of EUR 238 million (prior year period: EUR 162
million). This has pushed the volume of orders at hand to the record mark of
EUR 207 million by comparison with EUR 128 in the past year. The volume of
design wins significant for medium and long-term company development also
showed a strong rise in the first half of the year and advanced to EUR 110
million (prior year period: EUR 87.4 million). This volume points to sustained
growth over the next years.

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