Kontron Embedded Modules and Sasco Holz conclude distribution agreement

Sasco Holz will from now on market all products of the flatpanel series “aFLAT”

Eching/Putzbrunn, Germany, Juli 3. 2007 - Sasco Holz GmbH, Putzbrunn and Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH, a subsidiary of Kontron AG, announce the conclusion of a distibution agreement. Accordingly Sasco Holz will from now on market all products of the flatpanel series “aFLAT” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in the central eastern European countries of Tchechia, Slavakia, Poland and Hungary. With this agreement the solutions distributor is extending its stock in displays and corresponding accesories such as graphics adapters, backlights, touchscreens and inverters and is strengthening the current product portfolio with an additional line by a market leading supplier.

“For Sasco Holz the distribution agreement with Kontron Embedded Modules also means the fulfilment of our own demand of being able to present items from the worlds leading suppliers, in the best interest of the costumer”, outlines Paul Scholten, Managing Director with Sasco Holz. “With the qualitatively high-grade ‘aFLAT’ series by Kontron Sasco Holz is now offering a wide selection of flatpanel controllers that perfectly complement our previous store. In close cooperation and through our display competence center we offer our customers complete solutions and systems that are optimized under economical points of view, time-to-market and EOL security.”

“The experience gained with Arrow Electronics in northern Europe is entirely positive, such that we gladly look forward to a cooperation with Sasco Holz”, says Dirk Finstel, CEO Sales & Marketing / CTO Embedded Modules Division with Kontron. With the integration of Sasco Holz into the sales network, Kontron opens yet another distribution channel into the important development and manufacturing markets of central and Eastern Europe, which promise great synergy to all sides. “Our distinctive technological know how in the field of embedded computer technologies in combination with the logistical capabilities of our distribution partner, creates the best result for the good of our customers. This is the foundation of our common goal, to grow faster than the market.”

The Kontron AG is one of the world’s biggest producers of embedded computer technologies (ECT). It supplies leading OEMs, systems integrators and application suppliers in various market segments such as data and telecommunications, industrial automation, mobile computing, medical and military technologies, aerospace and test and measurement technologies.

Both companies have set the target on gaining a destinct competitive advantage for their customers through significantly reducing time-to-market.

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