Kontron KISS-4U Server Now with Four Intel® XeonTM Cores and up to 16GByte Fully Buffered DIMM RAM Available

Kontron KISS-4U Server Now with Four Intel® XeonTM Cores and up to 16GByte Fully Buffered DIMM RAM Available

4U with 4 Cores: 4 Unbeatable Rugged Performance and Availability

Eching, Germany, April 16, 2007 – Equipped with two cost-saving, energy efficient Dual-Core Intel® XeonTM processors (5000 series / LGA711 socket), a redundant power supply unit, a hot swappable RAID 0/1/5 subsystem and an optional IPMI system hardware management module, the new 19-inch/4U Kontron Industrial Silent Server, or Kontron KISS-4U, is one of the fastest high-availability quad core servers that has ever been built for long-lifecycle, robustly designed applications.

The Kontron KISS-4U server is powered by two dual core 64-bit server processors with a front side bus speed of up to 1.333 GHz. The Kontron KISS-4U server is designed for symmetric multiprocessing across two independent front side bus interfaces and is equipped with the Intel 5000V Memory Controller Hub (MCH), and the Intel Enterprise South Bridge 2 (ESB2). Each front side bus uses a 64-bit wide, 1333 MHz data bus that transfers data at 10.7GByte/sec. Up to six fully buffered DIMM modules and up to 16GByte are supported, providing a total memory bandwidth of up to 17.0 GByte/s.

The Kontron KISS-4U server is based on the Intel dual core NetBurst microarchitecture; it offers substantial functionality enhancements while remaining compatible with the 32-bit instruction set software: features include Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Virtualization Technology, Hyper Pipelined Technology, Execution Trace Cache, Thermal Monitor 1/2 (TM1/TM2), Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology, Advanced Dynamic Execution, Advanced Transfer Cache, Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) and Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T). These features allow the Kontron KISS-4U server to operate at much higher speeds with better power management in much safer thermal environments than traditional servers.

In addition, the Kontron KISS-4U server offers a wide range of RAS features, including memory interface ECC, x4/x8 Single Device Data Correction, CRC, parity protection, memory mirroring and memory sparing. The Kontron KISS-4U is ideal for high performance dual processing in enterprise server environments and for high-availability embedded applications in automation, medical technology, security engineering, traffic engineering and building control technology.

Thanks to the robust design of all its components, the RAID0/1/5 design of its HDD subsystems and the redundant power supply unit, the quiet (

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