Kontron wins another million plus order in Telecommunications

Design Win over 80 Mio. US-Dollar for network management in the USA

Eching by Munich, March 2nd, 2009. The Kontron AG, one of the world's leading supplier of embedded computer systems, has again won a large Design Win in a very important application area of the newest Telecommunications Backbone Systems. Kontron will deliver platforms on the basis of ATCA technology (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) for one of the biggest north-american supplier of Telecommunications Networks. These modern third and forth generation systems will provide much faster and more failure toleranter control of the network infrastructure in comparison to current backbones.

"These innovative techologies are prevailing more and more." explains the Kontron CEO, Ulrich Gehrmann. "Especially in times of crisis, these cost-effective and at the same time high-performance systems are a profitable investment for companies employing them."

This new development contract, which will span about four years, has a total volume of over 80 million US-dollars. The first prototypes will be developed and delivered still in 2009, whereby the full production is to start in 2010 and continue in the following years.

Kontron has already won over a variety of large firms in the telecommunications industry for its comprehensive ATCA product portfolio. The total value of this technology in telecommunications is believed to be over seven billion US-dollars whereby the Kontron market share for embedded computers is around 15%. With approximately 24%
of total business volume, applications in telecommunications have achieved the highest proportion of the vertical market segments at Kontron AG.

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