Monochrome Frame Grabber for CompactPCI

Four cameras present no problem

Kaufbeuren, Germany, March 2, 1999  PEP Modular Computers is expanding its range of frame grabber boards with the CP337 CompactPCI Board. Up to four video sources can be connected to the monochrome frame grabber and the numerous adaptation methods enable almost any commercially available b/w video camera to be used.

The 32-bit CompactPCI board is probably the only frame grabber on the market having two digitizer channels which enable simultaneous, synchronized digitization of two video sources. This facility also permits 3D applications in the fields of closed circuit TV and research monitoring as well as real-time applications, e.g. in medical image processing.

The transfer of the image data to the host or video memory occurs in real time and in addition vertical and horizontal scaling is possible in real time. A total of five different synchronization modes can be used with the board. The optically isolated trigger input and output also provide asynchronous picture recordings.

The board is supplemented by an extensive software package which enables programming and application of the card in various Windows NT software environments. Included among the supplied items are a C++ class library, a language-independent function library and a Twain driver.

The CP337 Monochrome Frame Grabber is available starting from March 1999.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
PR Manager

Winfried Wolf
Product Manager

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