MOPSlcdLX: 100% PC/104plus-compliant CPU Board with AMD Geode LX Processors

The oldest and smallest SBC standard for ISA and PCI: now lead-free and with a highly efficient 500 MHz processor

Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, February 14th, 2006 - Kontron - the worldwide market-leader in the area of PC/104 CPU assemblies for years, according to the market research institute VDC - introduces the MOPSlcdLX its latest RoHS-compliant design for PC/104plus with ISA and PCI. The fanless SBC (single board computer) with AMD Geode LX800 processor was designed in accordance with the PC/104 consortium.s PC104plus specification. Launched in February, 1997, the PC104plus specification is the oldest and smallest industrial SBC standard for ISA and PCI. It gets its customized design from PC/104 ISA and PCI expansion assemblies, which are inserted as plug & work on or under the SBC in a "sandwich" layout. Many manufacturers no longer support ISA in newer designs, but Kontron still supports established ISA technology with simple I/Os in the age of RoHS. Thus, manufacturers and users of numerous ISA I/O assemblies can still rely on long-term availability for their system solutions.

The RoHS-compliant MOPSlcdLX replaces previous designs based on the Geode" GX1 processor. Users gain even greater added value from this change: the assembly performs significantly better, is more thoroughly integrated, and also supports the more economical DDR-RAM memory technology, but the new assemblies can be offered at a similar price level to the previous ones.

The RoHS-compliant PC/104plus MOPSlcdLX SBC is equipped with 500 MHz AMD Geode LX processor, which uses a mere 0.9 watts, and supports dual graphics for CRT and LCD, ISA and PCI, and 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, keyboard, PS/2 mouse, USB1 & USB2, COM1 & COM2, and 44-pin IDE and LPT interfaces, which are implemented in the same place on every board in the MOPS product family. The JILI interface makes it very easy to connect displays to the boards because it automatically recognizes which display has been connected, and automatically sets all the video parameters. Thus, all MOPS-PC/104 assemblies are plug & work capable, which significantly reduces the time to market. Two USB ports can be used on board as an alternative to the keyboard/mouse interfaces. Software support is offered for all x86-compatible OS, such as current Windows, Linux, and HRT OS.

Samples of the new MOPSlcdLX will soon be available. Serial production is planned for Q3, 2006.

The (speed)MOPS PC/104 Product Family
With 29 CPU boards currently available, the (speed)MOPS PC/104 product family is the world.s largest demand-oriented, scalable product line in the embedded PC/104 world. It includes processors ranging from 386 right up to the mobile Intel® Pentium® M. (speed)MOPS PC/104 is the "proven PC platform for Instant Solutions": The (speed)MOPS modules are characterized by having a common pinout for keyboard, mouse, USB1 & USB2, COM1 & COM2 as well as 44-pin IDE, LPT, and LAN1. These standard features simplify upgrading within the Kontron (speed)MOPS PC/104 product family. Connecting displays to the boards is straightforward thanks to the JILI or JIPA interface, which automatically recognizes the attached display and then sets video parameters accordingly. All (speed)MOPS PC/104 boards are therefore Plug&Work-compatible, which considerably reduces the time to market.

The Certified I/O Partner Program
Introduced at the beginning of 2002, the Kontron Certified I/O Partner Program for manufacturers of PC/104 I/O modules is designed to help OEM customers reduce their time to market. The goal of the program and the quality seal for PC/104 is functional certification of PC/104 I/O modules for (speed)MOPS PC/104 CPU boards.

Certified I/O program partners currently include companies such as RadiSys, Diamond Systems, Applicom International, nbn, Plug-In, Vitec Multimedia, Servo Halbeck and DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH. Digital and analog I/O, serial interfaces, industrial Ethernet, diverse field busses and fr

ame grabber cards among others are also available as PC/104 expansion cards. All multivendor bundles have had their Plug&Work functionality tested. This significantly reduces both the development burden and the time to market. Further manufacturers of PC/104 I/O modules are invited to participate in the Certified I/O Partner Program.

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