New ISaGRAF Release for PEP Modular Computers


Kaufbeuren, Germany, February 28, 1999  PEP introduced a new release of IEC 1131-3, based on the CJ International ISaGRAF version 3.30. The major improvements in the development environment is the support of FLOW CHART as an additional programming language. This extends the already fully supported 5 languages defined by the IEC 1131-3 standard for customers looking to program with different presentation. The GRAFCET (SFC) graphical editor has been improved and offers now easy and simplified editing functionalities. The ISaGRAF debugger now ships with an enhanced graphical tools, called SPOTLIGHT. This allows the design of animated graphical process representation, thus making the debugging process more intuitive and efficient. A major step forward was achieved by the integration of a PROFIBUS-DP Master/Slave support including an integrated graphical configuration tool. This offloads the user for detailed PROFIBUS knowledge and speeds up the setup of the fieldbus network and its maintenance.

CANopen, DS401 profile is now also supported on SMART I/O, PEPs Soft-PLC hardware platform.

Finally, further improvements were made to the 68K native code generator boosting the IEC 1131-3 application execution by the factor 3 to 5 on PEP 68K hardware platforms.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
PR Manager

Klaus Martin
Product Manager

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