New Medical Computers with Innovative Multi-Core Technology

New Medical Computers with Innovative Multi-Core Technology

More Performance and Graphics per Watt, with two Processor Cores

Eching / Stuttgart, Germany, February 27, 2007 Kontron is presenting three new EN60601-1-compatible medical computing platforms with Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors, available in standard or customized chassis, at MEDTEC 2007 (hall 4, booth 632). The platforms feature the highest computing performance available with particularly low power consumption and very high-powered graphics, thanks to PEG (PCI Express Graphics). All platforms have long-term availability.

Low power consumption makes fanless and therefore especially low-noise systems with high MTBF possible; there is also an option for a completely sealed chassis. This means that they do not cause disturbance with constant fan noise and at the same time meet the highest hygiene requirements, since they are easy to clean and disinfect and create no active air turbulence. In addition, thanks to the two processor cores, the new platforms can simultaneously run several applications independently of one another, which also reduces cost, since single-system solutions can now be developed for applications that previously required two separate systems. Thus, for example, navigation through high-end 3D images is possible while parallel real-time images are processed or machines are controlled.

The new platforms were developed especially for use in medical devices. Along with classic box system designs, customized medical chassis can also be delivered. Reference projects with customized developments for leading tier 1 medical OEMs will be exhibited at MEDTEC. Both standard and customized systems are built on Intel® Core™ 2 Duo-based Kontron platforms that are already available in 9 different form factors and are in mass production. Customized solutions are always possible.

The medical imaging customer Techniscan (USA), for example, is using an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo based platform as part of a faster diagnostic tool for breast imaging. By using the Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo T7400 processor, Kontron’s customer is well on its way to reducing the time it takes to translate the enormous 60 gigabytes of raw data from 600 minutes to the desired time of 60 minutes. This tremendous performance makes it possible for the first time to scan a patient and to present clinical findings during the same appointment and then, if necessary, to start therapy immediately.

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