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Kaufbeuren, Germany, June 26th, 2002 - PEP Modular Computers is now introducing the upgrade of the 3U CompactPCI CPU CP320 which has been successfully established on the market since 2000. The CP321 board is fitted with the follow-on processor Kahlua II (CP320: Kahlua). The CPU clock frequency on the board is therefore increased from 250 MHz on the CP320 to 330 MHz; at 133 MHz the memory bus is also clocked faster than its predecessor (100 MHz).

With the CP321 PEP has the only 3U CompactPCI CPU on the market which can use the full processor speed and also the fast memory interface of the Kahlua II, exploiting the full performance capability.

Useful secondary effects of the new MPC8245 Motorola processor, designated Kahlua: The current consumption of the CPU card has been reduced by about 15 percent despite this enormous increase in performance. Particularly users, whose priorities are reliability, failure tolerance and versatility under extreme ambient conditions, prefer the power-saving PowerPC boards to the significantly more power-hungry x86 architectures. A significant factor is that due to the power-saving PowerPC processor, a card design with passive cooling for the extended temperature range (-40?C to +85?C) is even possible.

The board is equipped with numerous interfaces: Apart from Fast Ethernet with 10BT/100BTx autosensing, two serial interfaces (RS 232 modem-compatible, RS232/485, optionally opto-decoupled) are provided. A watchdog for system monitoring, a DIL socket for DiskOnChip (file system without moving parts), an NVSRAM for data retention even under power failure and a real-time clock complement the new board with important features for industrial fields of application.

The new 3U CompactPCI board, CP321, based on the PowerPC is available immediately.

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