PowerPAC: Controller and Visual Display in One System

Eching, Germany,November 26, 2001 - The increasing demands in terms of ergonomics and styling are taken into account by the new PowerPAC Control and Visual Display System from Kontron. Although it is kept very compact, this Human Machine Interface can also be operated in industrial environments with ambient temperatures of up to 50 0C.
The computer series can, when equipped with appropriate software, handle complete industrial applications. For example, the system, based mechanically on a very modular configuration, supports the visual display software, Vision Control, which also includes PLC functionality as well as pure visual display features.

Due to available OPC servers, many current PLC controllers can be coupled to the system. All the more so, because in addition to the hardware and operating system, fieldbus interfaces such as Profibus, CAN/CANopen, DeviceNet as well as Ethernet and wireless LAN are also supported by Kontron. The PowerPAC computer range is constructed to modular principles and is available in three versions - as a workstation, panel PC and as PC box with three or five slots. The computers are equipped with processors from the Intel range (up to 850 MHz), they each have two free PCI slots and possess a 15-inch TFT display which is linked to the PC housing on a wireless basis. This "quick change mechanism" has the advantage that the front modules can be changed within seconds.
The PowerPACs are designed for a lifetime of more than five years (unusual for PC-based equipment), which is primarily achieved by the integration of in-house developed components such as SBC, backplane and the use of bought-in components with long-term availability.

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