PxV206 - Small But Power-Packed

Pentium III power in mini-format

Eching, Germany, September 13, 2001 - Under the product name PxV206, Kontron is now launching an industrial PC on the market which goes a long way to satisfying customer demands for ever increasing performance in an ever reducing size.

The compact housing in the 19-inch format (2/3 height) and a mounting depth of 457mm has space for either a Pentium III of up to 933 MHz or, alternatively, a Celeron with 566 MHz. With a memory capacity of up to 1 GB SDRAM, the industrial computer is therefore suitable for a wide range of industrial applications from sophisticated machine controllers through to industrial servers.

Despite the tight spatial conditions, the computer has five additional free slots for expansion of its functions with digital I/Os, fieldbusses such as CAN, PROFIBUS or also intelligent axis controllers.

Special features of the industrial computer are also the redundant PFC power supplies and the E-Pac technology which enables better ventilation of the hotspots and easier servicing of the computer than was previously possible. The I/Os on the front for service and update also contribute to easier servicing and trouble-free upgrading.

The PxV206 Industrial PC is available immediately.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
Marcom Manager Kontron EMEA
E-mail: susanne.peczler@pep.de

Gunter Dumsky
Product Manager Stationary Systems
E-mail: Guenter.Dumsky@kontron.com

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