Teknor Focuses on CTI Infrastructure Market with COREVOX

Teknor´s COREVOX 6U open platform targeted at both traditional and next generation multimedia contact centers

Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, NV, May 8, 2001 - Teknor Applicom Inc., a Kontron company, today intensified its efforts to capture a greater share of the converging Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) infrastructure market by launching COREVOX, an extremely robust 6U PCI open platform. Capable of being configured into nearly any type of telephony function, COREVOX is ideal for OEMs and Application Providers (APs) who require a remarkably fast time-to-market solution to deliver complete products to enterprise customers with various voice and call center applications.

Open solutions across the network
Teknor´s introduction of COREVOX opens up a whole new world of opportunities for developers as this innovative 6U open platform solution can be configured to perform any number of telephony functions including - Automatic Call Distribution, Unified Messaging, Call Center, Predictive Dialer, Interactive Fax, and IP telephony.

"Teknor makes it possible for developers to have a competitive edge when they design with a Teknor open platform solution,"said Stephane Dubois, PCI platform product manager at Teknor. "For high growth mission-critical CTI applications, COREVOX is the first and best strategic step to take. This no compromise, completely redundant solution packs in the most features in a 6U form factor, supplying exceptional scalability and processing power."

CTI convergence
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) seamlessly links and delivers computer and telephone integration capabilities inside the network. Available to large organizations since the early 80´s, CTI was deployed by linking the PBX to a mainframe computer via a costly proprietary link. Today, new open standards have helped drive down the cost of CTI and to widen its range of available enterprise applications.

This technology is prominent in the traditional Call Center market which is currently evolving into next-generation multimedia contact centers due to development of Web integration and e-commerce and the need to retain customer loyalty. As CTI technology continues to move towards the convergence market, today´s network infrastructure will need to provide greater functionality and the ability to support analog and digital telephony, packet telephony and web-based interactions.

Teknor´s COREVOX 6U open platform is designed just for that purpose, capable of supporting all new converged applications. This also makes COREVOX an ideal solution for Application Service Providers (ASPs) who require a multimedia gateway solution to offer data and voice services to enterprise customers.

Maximum performance and reliability
As a high-availability fault tolerant system solution, Teknor´s COREVOX supports up to a 20-slot Quad PICMG 64-bit PCI Bus backplane; four high performance Teknor PCI/ISA SBCs; six hot-swappable SCSI drives with a unique integrated cooling system; four hot swap front-removable fan trays; single or redundant hot-swap, N + 1 load sharing power supplies; and an Advanced Monitoring Card that checks for vital system changes.

Among five backplane options, the development of the 20-slot Quad PICMG 64-bit PCI Bus backplane allows COREVOX to fully exploit Teknor´s PCI-P3D840 single board computer (SBC) which features the latest "dual"Pentium III processor technology, up to 2 GB of Direct RDRAM, and a 64-bit PCI bus for increased bandwidth, enabling customers to benefit from even greater performance without affecting space-sensitive work environments. Constructed for scalability and high level customer integration, Teknor´s COREVOX features two types of front-accessible peripheral bays, and maintains continuous operation and high performance with RAID Level 5 support and single or redundant hot-swap power supplies.

Minimizes management costs
For improved manageability and reliability under extreme conditions, COREVOX is capable of alerting end-users of critical system changes with its Advanced System Monitoring Card. Thi

s cableless monitoring card checks for changes in temperature, voltage, fan speeds and more. With remote management capabilities (via modem) and memorized fault configurations, the alarm card enables flexible system control from virtually any location.

Pricing and Availability
Teknor´s COREVOX is available immediately at a US list price that starts at $4,295, and includes a 6U platform, 20-slot backplane (15 ISA/1 CPU/4 PCI), single 400W AC hot-swap power supply, Advanced System Monitoring Card, IDE drive bay, PCI949 PICMG SBC with Celeron 566 MHz, 32 MB memory, hard drive 10.2GB IDE, 3.5"floppy drive, and 40X CD-ROM IDE.

About Teknor
Teknor Applicom, a Kontron company, is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative building blocks dedicated to its communications class of open platforms capable of supporting numerous network applications in today´s Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. Teknor´s innovative services and high performance PCI and CompactPCI platforms provide customers with the competitive advantage to market complete, value-added solutions directly to carrier, enterprise and service provider vendors.

As a charter member of Intel´s Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP) program, Teknor´s customers possess timely technological advantages over their competitors. Teknor is also the North American communications competence center for Kontron Embedded Computers AG, and is the only embedded computer vendor to offer engineering and manufacturing resources in North America, Europe and Asia.

Additional information about Teknor is available at www.teknor.com or by calling (450) 437-5682.

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