Teknor Re-Launches Highly Integrated Extreme Performance 6U System Solution with 64-bit PCI Bus Backplane Option

Teknor´s ExP620 provides a new dimension to extreme CTI and server-type applications

Applied Computing Conference & Expo, Santa Clara, CA, May 22, 2000 - Teknor Applicom Inc., a Kontron company, today announced that it has enhanced its ExP620 Extreme Performance System Solution by adding 64-bit PCI Bus connectivity to its list of backplane options. This development allows the ExP620 to fully exploit the recent launch of Teknor´s PCI-P3D840 single board computer (SBC) which features the latest "dual" Pentium III processor technology, up to 2 GB of Direct RDRAM, and a 64-bit PCI bus for increased bandwidth. Additionally, the ExP620 now provides up to 18, 64-bit PCI expansion slots. This offers service providers in the computer telephony, CTI and data communications markets the most superior, high-end rugged platform solution available. The ExP620 comes with an exhaustive feature-set which is integrated into one 6U-19" platform. The addition of the PCI-P3D840 simply means customers can benefit from even greater performance without affecting their space-sensitive work environments.

"Teknor possesses a distinctive competitive edge as it develops its system solutions in parallel with its state-of-the-art PCI board-level solutions," said Stephane Dubois, Systems Solutions Product Manager at Teknor. "For service providers who seek reliable 6U system solutions, this makes for a compelling package that yields considerable power without eating up valuable real estate. The end result is a no compromise, completely redundant solution for high growth mission-critical CTI servers."

Maximum performance and reliability
As a high-availability fault tolerant system solution, Teknor´s ExP620 supports up to a 20-slot Quad PICMG 64-bit PCI Bus backplane; four high performance Teknor PCI/ISA SBCs; six hot-swappable SCSI drives with a unique integrated cooling system; four hot swap front-removable fan trays; single or redundant hot-swap, N + 1 load sharing power supplies; and an Advanced Monitoring Card that checks for vital system changes.

As the flagship of Teknor´s Extreme Performance system solutions, the robust ExP620 platform supports up to four Teknor PCI-9XX series full-length single board computers, with configurations that include either a Pentium?, Pentium II or Pentium III processor up to 866 MHz clock speeds, and up to 2 GB of Direct RDRAM. The ExP620 also offers six ISA/PCI passive backplane options for optimal adaptability.

Designed for scalability and high level customer integration, Teknor´s ExP620 also features two types of front-accessible peripheral bays, and maintains continuous operation and high performance with RAID Level 5 support and single or redundant hot-swap power supplies (400 Watt AC and 300 Watt -48VDC).

Minimizes management costs
For improved manageability and reliability under extreme conditions, the ExP620 is capable of alerting end-users of critical system changes with its Advanced System Monitoring Card. This cableless monitoring card checks for changes in temperature, voltage, fan speeds and more. With remote management capabilities (via modem) and memorized fault configurations, the alarm card enables flexible system control from virtually any location.

Price and availability
Teknor´s ExP620 is available immediately at a US list price that starts at $4,742, and includes a 6U platform, 20-slot backplane (15 ISA/1 CPU/4 64-bit PCI), single 400W AC hot-swap power supply, Advanced System Monitoring Card, IDE drive bay, T946 PICMG SBC with Celeron 300 MHz, 32 MB memory, hard drive 6.4 GB IDE, 3.5" floppy drive, and 32X CD-ROM IDE.

About Teknor
Teknor Applicom, a Kontron company, is a leading supplier of applied computing solutions to OEMs and Systems Integrators for telecommunications, Internet, industrial automation and mobile computing applications. Teknor offers dedicated, high performance systems solutions, single board computers, portable computers, integrated software support and custom engineered solutions across various industry

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