Teknor targets High End Server Market with Extreme Density CompactPCI SBC

Teknor´s cPCI-DMXP64GX double density design offers a hot-swappable 4HP form factor for unsurpassed scalable multi-processing

Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, NV, May 8, 2001 - Teknor Applicom Inc., a Kontron company, today launched the cPCI-DMXP64GX, its next generation CompactPCI peripheral processor that rounds out Teknor´s communications class of extreme density board level solutions. Targeted at high end server applications within Internet and telecommunications server networks, the cPCI-DMXP64GX is the first in the SBC market to integrate an advanced feature-set with 1.5 GB of memory and dual Pentium III - Low Power processors in a single slot 4HP form factor.

Hot swappable and exceptionally reliable, the cPCI-DMXP64GX is ideal for application developers who require open systems solutions for mission-critical applications. Featuring two high performance Intel Pentium III processors - Low Power at 700 MHz, customers may deploy a Teknor 8U, 16-slot CompactPCI system loaded with a total of 28 peripheral CPUs plus another two CPUs from a Teknor cPCI-DMXS64GX system processor which also features a dual Pentium III processor - Low Power, 700 MHz in a SMP configuration.

"Internet traffic grows more than 100% every six months and servers are increasingly becoming overloaded," explained Jan-Philippe De Broeck, Teknor´s board level product manager. "What Teknor can do is provide OEMs and Application Developers with an open multiserver solution that consists of building a scalable CompactPCI server on a cluster of servers using Teknor´s CompactPCI board-level solutions. The result is the highest density and the most performance with exceptional uptime."

Other performance enhancements include the integration of 1.5 GB of SDRAM, support for dual Ethernet, a 64-bit CPCI bus, one multiple mode parallel port (SPP, EPP, ECP), two serial ports, and support for a standard 2.5" IDE drive mezzanine in a single (4HP) slot, ideal for additional storage applications. It also features a unique standalone circuitry which enables it to function as an independent node.

This makes for a compelling, high end systems solution for unsurpassed clustered multi-processing using Teknor´s IPTalky technology (IP on CompactPCI bus) for Windows NT, VxWorks, and Linux-based applications. One of many examples of this could be a clustered internet server that reproduces telecom-grade characteristics using Linux and open-source software as the base technology.

Pricing and Availability
The cPCI-DMXP64GX peripheral processor is available immediately. Please call for pricing. (OEM prices are available).

About Teknor
Teknor Applicom, a Kontron company, is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative building blocks dedicated to its communications class of open platforms capable of supporting numerous network applications in today´s Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. Teknor´s innovative services and high performance PCI and CompactPCI platforms provide customers with the competitive advantage to market complete, value-added solutions directly to carrier, enterprise and service provider vendors.
As a charter member of Intel´s Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP) program, Teknor´s customers possess timely technological advantages over their competitors. Teknor is also the North American communications competence center for Kontron Embedded Computers AG, and is the only embedded computer vendor to offer engineering and manufacturing resources in North America, Europe and Asia.

Additional information about Teknor is available at www.teknor.com or by calling (450) 437-5682.

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