Teknor´s Pentium-based VIPer824 Industrial SBC Delivers a Complete Processor Solution in a Reliable Compact Half-Size Form Factor

Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada), March 2, 1999 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. today, in coordinated launches at the Embedded Systems East Conference in Chicago, IL. and at the Computer Telephony Expo Spring 99 in Los Angeles, CA., announced the availability of the VIPer824 - a full featured PC/104-compatible industrial single board computer. The VIPer824 half-size ISA SBC delivers the processing power of Intels Pentium (including a low power 133 MHz VRT version) or Pentium with MMX technology processor with 512 KB L2 synchronous pipelined burst cache, up to 256 MB FPM or EDO memory (parity/non-parity or ECC), high performance PCI EIDE and CompactFlash disk support. Providing full desktop/workstation functionality packaged into a half-size ISA form factor, it features a Chips and Technologies PCI 64-bit CRT/Flat Panel video with 2 MB SDRAM memory and optional Intel 10/100Base-TX Ethernet controllers.

The VIPer824 features an Award BIOS, in Boot Block Flash with emergency recovery code, and supports a keyboardless, diskless or videoless operation, Advanced Power Management (APM 1.2), and a two year warranty. The VIPer824 is fully integrated with all the standard I/O including support for serial and parallel ports, hard disks, floppy disks, and USB. Supervisor circuitry includes watchdog timer, power fail/low battery detection and a CPU temperature sensor/alarm.

A Chips and Technologies PCI 64-bit graphics engine delivers high-resolution video to
1280 x 1024, 256K colors using 2 MB of SDRAM video memory. Both flat panels and CRTs are supported, and V-PORT compatibility allows for real-time video as well as graphics over video overlays.

"The VIPer824 provides a timely upgrade path to the two-year old VIPer821. Fully backwards compatible, as always it exemplifies Teknors commitment to production longevity and smooth technology transitions", continues Mr. Robert Dubi, President and General Manger at Teknor. "In fact the only difference between the two boards is the video chip technology."

Built-in Ethernet connectivity is provided to meet todays increasing dependency on information sharing over different types of networks. An auto switching PCI 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port provides compatibility for both topologies.

"The VIPer824 addresses the needs of embedded developers in applications involving mobile computers, portable test and measurement equipment, semi-conductor and industrial automation, telecommunications systems, remote workstation terminals and medical equipment," said Dennis Aldridge, VP of Marketing.

The VIPer824 expands Teknor&rsquos current offering of VIPer industrial single board computers. VIPer is an acronym for Very Integrated Processor, which defines Teknors full line of PC/104 compatible, 486/Pentium-based ISA industrial SBCs.

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