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PowerPAC workstation offers wide choice of configuration

Eching, Germany, April 10 200 - PowerPAC, the modular structured range of industrial computers from Kontron, is now available in the PowerPAC Workstation version with unrivalled possibilities in terms of configuration. The main field of application for the PowerPAC Workstation is in the visualisation and control of industrial machines.

The PowerPAC Workstation has a modular structure and in the basic configuration consists of a 15 inch display with integrated freely programmable keypad on both sides of the display, a function keypad below the display and an alphanumeric block of keys to the lower right of the display housing.

The PowerPACs are equipped with processors in the Intel range (currently up to 850 MHz). The integrated OPC server ensures interfacing of currently available PLC controllers to the system. This is particularly significant because in addition to the hardware and the operating system for the controllers, fieldbus interfaces such as Profibus, CAN/CANopen, DeviceNet as well as Ethernet and wireless LAN are also supported.

Along with the 2.5-inch hard disk which currently offers up to 60 GB of storage volume, there is a 3.5-inch floppy disc drive and a CD-ROM receptacle which can also be fitted with a DVD drive. Additional features can be realised using plug-in cards, because two slots in half-length PCI format are available.

For industrial applications, the "quick-change mechanism" of the PowerPAC Workstation is particularly useful in that all components which are subject to servicing, can be quickly replaced without tools. Since the sole connection between the display box and the PC box is a connector, the complete computer section can even be removed from the display box without tools.

The PowerPAC Workstation is available from April 2002.

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