The Ideal Choice for 8"-Diagonal TFTs and Above

ePanel-mgx: Kontron´s Ultra Flat Embedded Computer for Mobile Panel PCs

DEGGENDORF/HAMBURG, Germany, February 3rd, 2003 - Kontron Hamburg (formerly known as Dr. Berghaus) announces the development of an ultra flat single board computer that can be installed directly on the backside of flat panel displays. Some typical applications for this new product include Mobile Panel PCs, In-Seat Videos and Indoor Visual Units. The ePanel-mgx is a complete, single-side populated PC board with dimensions of 140 x 180 mm and a maximum overall height of 7 mm. Based on the Geode SC1200 processor (266MHz), the ePanel-mgx board is ideal for use with TFT displays with a diagonal span of 8 inches or more. This proven x86-platform is compatible with a wide array of industry-standard software. The board´s low power consumption (< 7W@12V) eliminates the need for either active or passive cooling. Additionally, standard on-board interfaces for 100MBit Ethernet, 3xUSB and 2xRS232, enabling the ePanel-mgx to be used as a self-contained, closed system. A complete starter kit comprised of 256 MB SDRAM, 1 GB CompactFlash, a lithium ion battery and all required cables also is available to Kontron customers.

An operating system can be loaded directly from CompactFlash and the PC CARD socket allows peripherals such as wireless LANs, Bluetooth and CAN bus adapters to be connected. The integrated wide-range DC power pack enables the ePanel-mgx to be used in 8 to 28 V environments and onboard Smart Battery Backup support enables the use of the most diverse battery types. On-board video interfaces include analog VGA, TTL and LVDS for flat panels and touch screen and matrix controllers also are standard features. An NTSC/PAL video input and TV output variant also is available.

To serve the needs of applications with custom housing designs, Kontron offers a flexible I/O adapter solution. This custom-designed adapter is attached to the ePanel-mgx via a ribbon cable and ensures that only those interfaces that are relevant to the application become part of the system design. The ePanel-mgx offers particularly short design-in times and an outstanding price performance ratio.

Press Contact:
Christian Eder – Marcom Manager EMEA
Brunnwiesenstr. 16
D - 94469 Deggendorf
Telefon: +49 991 37024-702

Contact Person:
Daniel Piper – Manager Distribution & Marketing
Kontron Hamburg
Marschnerstieg 7
D - 22081 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 200090-57

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