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With the two processor modules, EB860 and EB8245, Kontron is now introducing the first members of a new range of embedded products. The product line E²Brain - Embedded Electronic Brain - features a modular design and is open for all types of processor architectures, communications interfaces and I/O interfaces.

Until now it has been usual in the world of embedded computers that the user has to also develop a new processor core for each new device development, because the devices are normally different in terms of design and space relationships. By using the standardised E²Brain modules, the user can again concentrate fully on his actual task - the design of the device, development of the application software and the special features of the application.

The E²Brain modules with a form factor of 75x115 can be subdivided into two categories:
- Communication Engines: The processor cores, thirsty for communications, with numerous interfaces (Ethernet, serial interfaces with multi-protocol support, UTOPIA).
- Advanced Computer Cores: Processor cores featuring high computing power and a wide range of I/O.
The category of Communication Engines includes the E²Brain member, the EB860. It can accommodate all the Motorola MPC85X and MPC86X processors (PowerQUICC) and supports the complete range of interfaces. The user can therefore select the processor module specifically for the application without having to adapt the carrier module.

The second, already realised, E²Brain module EB8245 is equipped with the Motorola PowerPC MPC8245 (Kahlua2). This is a CPU of the average performance class which is suitable for low power applications, particularly in the real-time sector. The addition features, such as up to six serial interfaces, a Fast Ethernet interface, watchdog, RTC and a CAN interface, round off the module to give a universally applicable computer core.

The two E²Brain members, EB860 and EB8245, will be available from December 2002.

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